“One of the club’s worst ever – 4” – Rangers players rated v Aberdeen

“One of the club’s worst ever – 4” – Rangers players rated v Aberdeen
Beale not too thrilled after the latest loss....

Miserably, we’re going to attempt the ratings today. Having digested a hellish 98 minutes, we will now offer our best wisdom at scoring the players. So here we go…


Done all ends up for the first goal, and just shows no reaction time at all any more. Makes the occasional adequate save, but we can no longer look to the man to stop the ball. He has sadly become an empty goalkeeper’s jersey, not the way we want to remember him. 3


Not one of Rangers’ worst performers but one of the club’s worst-ever captains, showed no signs of getting his men back into this and should not be wearing an armband he never even earned. Crossing was decent, and managed an interception or two, but while he kept Duk pretty quiet, had no influence himself. 4


Can hold his head up – no defender produced more defending in this one than Souttar and he was heavily involved on a day of surprising pressure. He’s the best defender at the club, and it’s not embarrassing to say that. It just shows how much crap we’ve tolerated from Goldson and Davies. 8


He was actually not as horrible as it might seem, but he’s cost Rangers a lot of goals recently and today he looked frail. Has no understanding with Souttar at all, and seems to kind of do his own thing most of the time. 5


Exposed completely for the second goal especially, this was not the best from the Croat who, contrarily did actually get a lot of blocks and clearances in. Unfortunately, the moment or two that mattered exposed him completely. 5


Had a decent match, worked hard to close down and stole the ball a lot. He did ok, even if he didn’t stand out. Didn’t merit being removed. 6


Wasn’t able to put his foot on the ball, was playing almost entirely defensively, and looked, again, sluggish next to Raskin. And yet despite no one getting more of the ball than he statistically – did you even see him on it? 5


Rangers’ best player outside of Souttar, he offered the most creativity and vision, being used much better than for the Old Firm, but alone he couldn’t offer a game-winner because no one else was in tune. 7


Christ, this was atrocious. Wildly uncomposed, this was the worst of the Zambian and the player fans lose the plot over. He did try, he did work, but once again he was selfish and wasteful. 4


This is why we have no interest in signing this lazy, disinterested and selfish attacker, who disappears like the wind. Can’t affect a match if we’re not playing a bottom-feeder. He managed 5 key passes, and his stats are not bad, but at no point did he clearly influence this match. 5


Poor. A few shots, but didn’t look remotely hungry and looks like he’s a player already gone. Which, in all fairness, the manager already revealed anyway. 4



He actually put a shift in again and nearly scored. He looks hungry to prove himself and, again, should have started. 6


Was given no time to influence the match N/A


Holy heck where do we start here – he announces Morelos is gone next year and then starts him in a key match. He announces McGregor is gone and does the same thing. He picks players out of form like Sakala and Tillman, and leaves hunger like Matondo and Arfield on the bench. Then doesn’t make major changes until far too late. His treatment of Scott Arfield continues to be very poor. Then post-match complains about VAR with a violin in hand. We’re losing a LOT of faith in this man as our manager. 3

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  1. I think Raskin was subbed due to fitness or keeping him fit for next game, Beale mentioned something abt it in the post match interview, cant mind exactly what he said.

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