“Subdued – 6” Rangers players rated v Raith in Scottish Cup

“Subdued – 6” Rangers players rated v Raith in Scottish Cup
Cantwell puts his foot on the ball (Credit Rangers FC)

Yes, it’s ratings again! Ibrox Noise has been encouraged by the response to recent Rangers ratings articles, and are happy to provide them with more frequency now.

So, without further ado, here’s today’s scoring:


Barely had to do a thing, but was nearly caught like a kipper by Isma with a staggering effort from 55 yards. Other than that a pretty quiet afternoon because Raith weren’t really there to play football. 5


Subdued. Nearly got a fine goal from a Cantwell assist but after a bit of a recent renaissance (he was decent v Celtic and has been not bad in the last couple) this was back to a quiet afternoon from him. Wasn’t tested much at the back and didn’t really offer a lot up front either, but managed one near assist for Colak and a sort of assist for the OG. 6


Belting goal set Rangers on their way, and otherwise wasn’t overly tested at the back. 7


A carbon copy of Goldson’s display but without the goal. Injury scare late on. 6


Another enterprising display from Born Again Borna, the Croat tried to get a lot of balls in and provide width but Raith’s low block meant he wasn’t getting a lot of change. But he did work at it. 6


Such a nuisance of a player, Raskin does all the dirty work in the middle and has superb mobility to cover so much grass. Was in Raith’s midfield five’s faces all the time. 7


Was distinctly sluggish, and was booked for a very poor and unnecessary challenge. He’s got a fight on his hand to get his place back, and on performances like this, he’s second best right now. 5


We’re saving a separate piece for him. 10


Busy, enterprising, and looking like he actually wanted to be there, Kent didn’t let anyone down and was always looking for a route through Raith’s iron curtain. 7


There’s only two Sakala’s! Should be a song. You either get the blistering stuff we saw v Hibs, or the utter tripe we saw today. Tried to con the ref into a penalty while he was at it. Rubbish. 4


Not his day – he was not hiding and he made the runs but the pure barrier from Raith meant it was hard to find him. Tav did feed him with one good cross but he made a mess of it. 5



He will just be thrilled to get some real time on the pitch. Was tidy enough. 6


Hungry-looking, making the runs, keeping mobile and used the ball well, the Turk knows he’s got it all to do to win the slot off Borna but he is going to try. 7


Looked a tonne off the pace – speed was always his weakness and now he’s even slower. You can see mentally he’s catching up as well. Could be months before he’s close to the pace but will he get the chances? 4


A lovely wee goal just to remind Michael Beale he’s still here, Scott looked up for it and wanted to make use of his cameo. He succeeded. 7


Not a cameo to prove how much he wants his place back. A cameo of a player who’s already joined another team 3


No one could fathom why Jacko was dropped, and the team did suffer for his absence. The reality is Beale is clearly trying to manage his midfielder, whose fitness isn’t the best and never will be. It wasn’t the best performance, but it was never going to be silky v a low block, aided and abetted by an OG. Can’t really complain at a 3-0 win and he will just hope for a better overall display in the next one. 7

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