Fashion Sakala has selfishly let down Rangers fans, and himself

Fashion Sakala has selfishly let down Rangers fans, and himself
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - JANUARY 15: Anthony Stewart of Aberdeen fouls Fashion Sakala of Rangers which leads to a red card during the Viaplay Cup Semi-final match between Rangers and Aberdeen at Hampden Park on January 15, 2023 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

After all the last few weeks of praising Fashion Sakala’s supposed turnaround under Michael Beale at Ibrox, Sunday’s dismal performance from him showed the boy is all bark and no bite, and is far from good enough.

The pre-match hype, all centring around his form and the infamous ‘other mob’ comment, gave him pressure to deliver, gave him attention and a focus point, and he was under the microscope to back up his words.

It’s not just that, it’s what he’s been saying in the media as well. His pre-Old Firm presser was diabolically selfish. There is barely any reference to his team, to his team mates, no appreciation of his comrades or even a mention of the fans, it’s all about him and how great he’s enjoying life.

We didn’t mention this as to do so would be extremely unsupportive (not unlike Kris Boyd’s public admonishment of the Zambian which didn’t help) going into this match, but now it’s done we can be honest.

He did the same under Gio, made it about him and what he expected of the manager, what position he demanded. Once again he thought about himself, and not the good of the team.

He’s a selfish player, it’s all about him, and the number of times he takes a wild shot instead of laying it off to a team mate is embarrassing.

On Sunday we saw the worst of it. In on goal, all he had to do was square it to Morelos for a certain goal, and what did he do? Went for an acute angle strike which wildly hit the side netting.

Scott Wright isn’t the world’s best winger, but he 100% is a team player, fighting for his team mates and trying to make things happen for them. Morelos too has a reputation of being self-centred but all he does is work for others.

As Sakala’s believed his hype more and more, he’s gotten big headed and cocky, and on Sunday we saw the result of arrogance, a big head and a lack of humility.

Unfortunately, he’s brought all this on himself. He’s a big boy, and while his form was seemingly going in the right direction, sadly for him his personality wasn’t, and both negatively collided at Hampden for a poor display.

We can safely say he has a LOT of grovelling to do, a lot of growing up to do, and frankly we’re not really sure he’s remotely good enough for the elite level of this club.

Doing it against a midtable side is one thing, not looking amateur against Celtic quite another.

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