Rangers: laughable Morelos to Sevilla update as source backtracks on transfer

Rangers: laughable Morelos to Sevilla update as source backtracks on transfer
PERTH, SCOTLAND - JANUARY 21: Alfredo Morelos of Rangers looks on during the Scottish Cup Fourth Round match between St Johnstone and Rangers at McDiarmid Park on January 21, 2023 in Perth, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

We have to laugh at the latest with Alfredo Morelos. Spanish ‘press’ had published a story whereby Rangers’ Colombian striker had signed a precontract with Sevilla, only for Michael Beale to deny anything had been signed, before the same source then backtracked their original story yesterday a touch and rather distanced themselves from it.

And now we can finally reveal where the Spanish got their story… Ibrox Noise! They published it a day after ours.

They just ripped it off from us, and pretended it was their own story, and the Scottish press ran with their version before the Spaniards got suckered by Michael Beale’s infamous bluster.

The truth?

The Spanish source doesn’t have a clue, they’re just a Sevilla fan site, Ibrox Noise info is Morelos has agreed a deal with Sevilla but it’s dependent on them surviving relegation. There have been talks, but nothing has been signed yet.

However, lacking English as their first language, the Sevilla site just barged in with their size 12s and stole our story, making it out to be a signed precontract rather than just a hypothetical agreement.

Morelos was not lying when he told Michael Beale he’s not signed a precontract, because he hasn’t. But he’s ready to make a new life in Spain if Sevilla avoid the drop and he’ll happily commit at that point. Unless he gets a better offer before then.

But yes, they nicked it from us, and actually got it wrong, rather than crediting us with the content, and then backtracked because they heard Michael Beale deny their wrong interpretation of our story.

Is he going to Sevilla? Yes, if they stay up and no Premier League side comes in with a better offer for him. Or an offer at all. Morelos wants the PL, that’s his dream, but he’ll happily take another top five league as well.

At this point, he’d take most modest leagues over the Scottish Premiership, and being honest, we don’t strictly blame him for that.

But as things stand, fans suddenly love him again because Goalak had one bad game at Fir Park.

Nothing like fickle fans to clarify a situation…

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