Rangers fans react to Antonio Colak performance, and it’s not good

Rangers fans react to Antonio Colak performance, and it’s not good
Colak doing his best at Fir Park (Credit Rangers FC)

The knee-jerk reaction from the bulk of Rangers fans (yes, the bulk) over Antonio Colak’s poor display is immediately to jump back on the Alfredo Morelos bandwagon and reject everything the Croat has shown up till Fir Park, and pretend Morelos has been outstanding this season.

It’s been a laughable response, showing just how disloyal and fickle our support has become, that they will dump a player for one bad performance despite how impressive his prior form had been, in order to extoll the virtues of a player who’s been off the pace for almost 12 months now.

There is a depressing tribalism around Morelos which saddens us, a school of thought that will back him no matter what he does, that ignores his every poor and disinterested display and bigs him up instead.

This is not to say Morelos is poor – he is far from it. But his heart has been a long way from Rangers for a very long time, and his performances have mostly shown that.

Indeed, in Motherwell he had one good assist – it was a very good assist. Apparently, however, Colak’s (technically) two assists v Killie are rejected and forgotten in favour of his admittedly bad showing on Saturday while Morelos came on, missed three open goals, and had that assist and he’s suddenly Lionel Messi?

Ironically it’s probably his best Rangers performance in months, managing three (bad attempts) but also a key pass and a long ball, and he was involved, but it was hardly evidence enough to reject Colak completely.

This is a big issue with supporter social media – it is deeply reactionary, it’s not sensible, and it doesn’t rationalise situations in football, instead choosing to emotionally lash out on anyone possible with extremely aggressive responses to a bad performance or a good one.

Ibrox Noise tries to be a bit more consistent. We won’t turn on a player after one bad match, but we will rate that match on its own terms, and Colak had a bad one. But he’s shown absolutely tonnes of why he is the best striker in the country, and for supporters to now dump him in favour of a guy who hardly shows an ounce of heart when he plays and wants to leave?

It’s disappointing.

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  1. I don’t think Colak is suited to the SPFL he’s not physical close in and seems easily edged out to the fringes and yes this version of Morelos is not the answer although its a pity. I thought Van Veen showed how to lead the line , against a poor defence right enough. Let’s really hope that Ross Wilson and Micheal Beale have an overhaul plan to build the team around Raskin Cantwell and put real pace in the team with the comittment to play forward thinking football with ruthless and unrelentless winning mentality and top fitness with options.

    • Welcome to the new comments system Bill, wondered when you’d show up 😉 secondly, Colak is suited just fine, the problem with this match was he was completely out of position and it left him lost. If he wasn’t suited to the SPL he wouldn’t be our top scorer. Just need to play to his strengths.

  2. Good to see the comnent filtering through , thanks guys . I agree he has a different style and likes to arrive late . Getting Cantwell further forward will help him him as he definitely sees a pass. Hopefully we can uncover another gem .

  3. I honestly think he needs a partner up front with him, sure his performance against Motherwell was poor but he wasn’t the only poor performer in that game, I thought Lundstrum didn’t play to well either but the fans have to get off the backs of players and stand bye them. We as fans have right to air our opinions but not to the extent that we are against a player that has an off day and as stated in the article EL Buffaloo has many more off days than good this season, I think his facial expressions alone show he doesn’t want to be at Ibrox so it is in both interests to move him on and back the player that are here to stay

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