Erling Haaland’s ridiculous numbers and how they affect Rangers

Erling Haaland’s ridiculous numbers and how they affect Rangers
SEVILLE, SPAIN - SEPTEMBER 06: Erling Haaland of Manchester City FC celebrates after scoring his team's first goal during the UEFA Champions League group G match between Sevilla FC and Manchester City at Estadio Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan on September 06, 2022 in Seville, Spain. (Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images)

The media gushing over Erling Haaland after his mesmerising night for Man City v Rangers’ similarly-conquered foes RB Leipzig teaches us a couple of valuable lessons with regards football in the modern day.

First, a caveat – regulars to Ibrox Noise know we’re absolutely massive fans of the young Norwegian, and consistently rate him and have done since we learned about his performances at ex-side Salzburg. From thereon in we knew this is maybe the best striker the game has ever seen, and his ridiculous numbers are unprecedented. We stand by that view and always have done, even in the face of the embarrassing ‘City aren’t as good with him’ comments from some and the age-old ‘he won’t cope in the Premier League’ piffle we heard at the start of the season.

With that all said, that is our first lesson – the media are dumb, fickle and change their mind and reporting with the wind. One minute Erling Haaland is the greatest thing to happen to the PL, the next he’s a bad signing and it’s flopping. Then he’s toast of the town again.

In short, do not trust opinions in the media, including ours at Ibrox Noise. We deliver them consistently and honestly, but we are as human as anyone else and we will be changeable too. But we also concede that with humility on our own part – unlike hypocrites like Gary Neville who will change their minds to suit common consensus and their paymasters and pretend they were right all along.

Second lesson? Have a bit more faith in Rangers and the players – instead of knee-jerk reacting to a couple of bad performances, have some faith that Ryan Kent is actually a good player, even if he’s not shone in this match or that one. Stop bouncing around an emotional response and slamming a player for a bad match, saying he’s literally the worst player of all time.

While Ibrox Noise are not the biggest fans of Connor Goldson, he’s far from the worst signing ever – not a Cuellar, Weir or Boumsong, no, but he’s alright. So it was with amusement we read one fan suggesting he’s our worst CB, seeming to forget how bad Leon King has been, or how much James Sands struggled there before his exit. Or that John Souttar isn’t even tested yet.

That fickle stuff helps no one, and it means informed opinions are a dying art.

We could call it the “Erling Haaland Fallacy” whereby knee-jerk emotional reactions to performances are maybe not the best served way to analyse how good a player is overall.

Ryan Kent certainly suffers at the hands of this syndrome.

Have a little faith?

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