Michael Beale promises Rangers fans five new signings this summer

Michael Beale promises Rangers fans five new signings this summer
Beale has confirmed he wants a trimmed squad (Credit Rangers FC)

Michael Beale’s claim that there will be five new Rangers signings this summer is about the most useless statement the manager could make, because what Rangers fans need is good signings, regardless of how many there are.

Whether that’s five, 10, or 20 new players, Rangers need a glut of talent in this summer, a major overhaul, because as the squad stands, it’s not good enough to get past Celtic and if it miraculously gets into the Champions League group stage it will get slaughtered worse than Giovanni van Bronckhorst’s Rangers side did.

So yes, we welcome significant new additions, but it’s redundant to put a number on it because it’s a bit vacuous to say ‘five’ new players is the magic number to make us better than Celtic.

We just don’t know – Beale does make things up, fabricates, conjectures and throws red herrings at the media, sometimes completely unintentionally, so we’re not taking too seriously his promises.

What we will say is evidently there’s going to be turnover this summer close to what we saw in 2015, when a huge exodus left from the Walter and Ally era, and was replaced by the shiny new Warburton regime, which basically replaced the whole squad aside Lee Wallace.

And it’s necessary – the claim is he wants a squad around 25. That’s correct. There’s far far too many and the group is filled with chafe. It’s top-heavy with way too many attackers and wingers, and not enough defenders and fullbacks.

He clearly wants two strong options in each slot and the ‘excess’ of another 3 quality members, give or take.

That means shipping out a lot of players, and some hard decisions on contracts are imminent too – but the additions are vital.

Getting rid of around 15 players to take the number down to about the best 20 left, and adding around 5, if we take Beale’s comments at face value, is a lot of work. We also think we need more than 5, that the 20 best aren’t actually good enough, and only about 10 are maybe strong enough to be where we want to be.

This summer needs work, and even if we do close the points gap and actually win the Scottish Cup, more is needed to make 56 a reality next season.

Beale says 5? It might be more like 10.

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