John Souttar admits lying to Rangers bosses when he arrived at Ibrox

John Souttar admits lying to Rangers bosses when he arrived at Ibrox
He told a fib or two back then.....

John Souttar has ‘admitted’ he came to Rangers unfit and lied over that injury, due to desperation to play.

In what cost him 7 months of his career, Souttar had a pre-existing condition from his Hearts days which was exacerbated earlier in the year before he actually moved to Ibrox – he passed the January medical but his historic problems returned, and recurred over the late Spring into summer and his change of club to Govan.

Fans believed it was down to bereavement that he struggled for his first two matches, but while he did suffer the loss of a family member (due to a long-standing illness) this wasn’t why he was so poor v Spurs or Livingston – it was purely injury.

And that cost him 7 months, well over half a year of his Rangers career following all the hype before his arrival.

How do we feel about this?

Frankly a bit disappointed in him – yes, we’re aware a lot of players will play WITH injury, with John Lundstram and James Tavernier really both needing surgery but with medical supervision continuing to fight the pain barrier.

But Souttar was completely off the pace, and it cost us a good defender, particularly during the Champions League where his introduction in Connor Goldson’s place v Liverpool could have helped enormously, had he been fully-fit.

Remember, this kid plays for Scotland and is arguably the best of his nationality in his position, probably by a distance.

He’s had a wretched time of it this season, but frankly he’s not really got anyone to blame but himself. He should have been honest, because losing a month or two compared with 7 is quite a different kettle of fish.

That said, there’s no point crying over spilled milk, he’s holding his hands up now and we all move on and fair play to him now for finally confessing the truth to both fans and the club.

It took a while, but hopefully Souttar will be a major part of the Split as it approaches, because we’d love to finally and properly see what this lad can do in a Rangers shirt.

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