Rangers secure two men in January transfer window – but is it enough for Ibrox fans?

Rangers secure two men in January transfer window – but is it enough for Ibrox fans?
Nicolas Raskin delighted with life at Rangers (Credit Rangers FC)

The biggest take Ibrox Noise makes from the transfer window isn’t who Rangers signed, albeit we’re very, very happy with the two additions; it’s the fact that not a significant soul left the first team at all.

After all the hype over Glen Kamara, Alfredo Morelos and Ryan Kent, not a single bid of note came in for any of them, and they all remain Rangers players.

More tellingly?

No one got either Morelos or Kent on a precontract.

Of course, there is still time, they can still sign one any time between now and summer, but January is the big business month, and just like Connor Goldson before them, they didn’t get any offers that interested them enough to sign even a precontract and hope the new club would bid enough for Rangers to let them go now.

So, Rangers remain as equipped as we did before the window, and now have two excellent new players in the mix too.

Are we optimistic? Naturally, everyone’s frustrated we didn’t get a defender or goalkeeper – quite simply our number one is a huge issue, even if some misguided souls in our support who’d argue the sky was pink think our goalkeeping is perfectly fine. And the lack of depth in the centre of defence remains a massive issue – an injury to either Goldson or Davies and an-already poor backline gets even frailer.

But Rangers don’t play like a team who prioritises defence anyway, so it’s rather moot in truth. While the manager does want a new stopper and a new goalie, in reality it’s lip service – he doesn’t really care about the rearguard. He wants football players in the middle and last third doing the job – and the ones he got in reflect that – two excellent ball players who give us even more creativity.

So are we happy with the window?

We are disappointed that we didn’t ship Kamara or Morelos out – that’s the truth – but we’d also be the first to admit Rangers are stronger if both of them and Kent are in full flow. Ryan Kent has absolutely been better since Beale arrived, flourishing a lot more now under the new boss, but we can’t say the same for the other two.

We’re stuck with Morelos till the summer and Kamara till at least then.

Overall rating of our business? 7 out of 10. We didn’t do anywhere near enough, but what we did do was very good.

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