The end for Alex Lowry at Rangers as Michael Beale admits loan

The end for Alex Lowry at Rangers as Michael Beale admits loan
He's in training but far away from the first team it seems. (Credit Rangers FC)

Rangers have confirmed that Alex Lowry is effectively done at Rangers, after Michael Beale admitted it’s loan time for the lad.

As Ibrox Noise regulars and Rangers fans in general have come to realise, any Rangers player who goes on the loan route is simply surplus, and not good enough to play for our club. And unfortunately for Lowry, he has competition ahead of him which is infinitely superior to him, giving the youngster no chance at the first team.

Beale, with his usual waffle, tried to dress it up as NOT being an exit for Lowry, that he would be going to another team to prove himself to come back to Rangers, but we simply cannot remember the last time a Rangers lad went to Falkirk or Arbroath, proved themselves and came back to become a fixture at Ibrox.

The reality is if a Rangers player is good enough, he will play – it’s end of story and there’s absolutely no getting around it. The one exception was obviously Nathan Patterson, but that was a special case behind the immovable captain James Tavernier. Anyone else and Patto would be an ever present today.

Lowry has Ianis Hagi, Tom Lawrence when fit, Malik Tillman, Scott Arfield and some guy we got from Norwich… ahead of him and he’s never going to get anywhere with that level of competition, regardless of the romance of Rangers fans who love seeing Ibrox kids succeeding.

It’s just not clicked for him, hasn’t worked out, and Beale’s refusal to rule out lending him to someone else for a while spells the end. After all, Malik Tillman is only a year older and more or less a mainstay in the first team under the last two bosses in the same position – Lowry can’t get a sniff.

We don’t quite know why it didn’t work out. Injury? Attitude? End of the day he’ll go out on loan and become Kai Kennedy, sadly. And this is far from a hate piece as we did like what we saw of Lowry, but he’s never going to make it at Ibrox if he can’t get a start.

So be it.

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  1. Is every supporter forgetting our great goalie was out on loan twice and see how he turned out so never say never ,,,,, nosurrender

  2. Some guy we got from Norwich ? Cantwell ain’t some guy he’s a good player seems a bit bitter that comment lol .. I’m sure it was this page that also said we wouldn’t sign him 😂 in Michael Beale we trust.

    • Crikey buddy, it was sarcasm! We’re delighted with him! Like how some would jokingly refer to Messi as ‘some guy from Argentina’.

  3. No one goes out on loan and comes back ohhhh! Except Patterson, 😂, you never report anything good don’t don’t know why a bother reading your page

    • Um, Patterson never went out on loan. And you don’t know why? I’m just impressed that you can read.

  4. Lowry is a bit lightweight for this team. I don’t think Beale speaks with a straight tongue. If Lowry isn’t in his plans let him go and maybe grow and give Scotland another option.

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