QPR breaking news shows how badly they miss Rangers’ Michael Beale

QPR breaking news shows how badly they miss Rangers’ Michael Beale
Beale on his debut as Rangers manager (Credit Rangers FC)

Queens Park Rangers tonight sacked Neil Critchley after an abomination of a spell at Loftus Road in which he won a single match during his entire time in London, highlighting once again the absolute nonsense that surrounded Michael Beale’s exit from Championship side.

When rumours were confirmed and Beale took over at Rangers, a massive portion of our own support sought to talk him down, announce him as a mistake, claim he wasn’t good enough and it was a wrong appointment (again).

Indeed, Ibrox Noise got trolled by QPR supporters as well telling us how rotten he was for them, and proclaiming how poor he’d be for us and they couldn’t wait to see the sod fail. We got a tonne of abuse on our platforms from this lot.

Now, this was all on the back of five matches at Loftus Road that QPR didn’t win, and that was used as evidence he wasn’t good enough. Especially by the critics in our support.

It was, as Ibrox Noise preached endlessly at the time, completely caused because Wolves had utterly distracted him for long enough with serious attempts to sign him, before he turned them down, sincerely. He meant what he said about ‘staying with Rangers’…

But that is the point – until that moment, that approach, Beale’s record at QPR was good enough to get them top of the English Championship. Yes, that’s right, for a period, this team off nothing but Bosman signings in the summer under this rookie solo boss, had topped the table, and was the bee’s knees in the view of all QPR supporters. They absolutely loved him.

He turned them round totally.

But yes, the players got distracted by the Wolves approach and couldn’t recover from a Premier League club’s interest in their boss. And when Rangers came in? That was the only job he ever actually wanted and he was never saying no. He regretted how it went down at QPR but that’s life, in short.

So they replaced him with Critchley – and nothing more has highlighted how good Beale was for QPR than by Critchley’s abominable record of a single win since November, while Beale has won every darn game at Ibrox bar the Old Firm near miss.

They knew how good they had it under Beale, it’s why they were so bitter after the Wolves approach and even more so by Rangers successfully taking him.

Even some of our fans, as said, tried to smear Beale as a terrible manager, and not good enough for the club.

While he still does have detractors in the support, his record so far ridicules any attempt at slurring his performance.

He’s an exceptional football manager and he’s at the one club he wants to be at. He has a LONG way to go before anyone could compare him to a club great let alone the Grant Master Walter, but he couldn’t have done more over his first three months to quell fears about his legitimacy for the job.

Mind you, it still won’t stop some trying to…

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  1. You have just proved that Michael Beale let down
    QPR terribly. No wonder they hate him. You conveniently forgot
    Beale’s “Loyalty Pledge” to QPR’s Fans.

    • Proved? We’ve already covered it many times and condemned what he did. And we don’t blame them for hating him – doesn’t excuse them abusing Ibrox Noise though. And that won’t stop us being factual Erik.

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