Rangers’ Nicolas Raskin would LOVE to get one over on Ronny Deila

Rangers’ Nicolas Raskin would LOVE to get one over on Ronny Deila
Looking a bit happier in the past....

Nicolas Raskin is in the press today for a very tongue-in-cheek comment that his former manager, Standard Liege’s Ronny Deila, will be rooting for him this weekend against his own former team, Celtic.

Indeed, the tongue couldn’t be firmer in the gum with that one, with Deila absolutely hating Raskin (he cast him out from the Liege first team and sent him to train with the kids) and of course hating Rangers even more.

Indeed, the Norwegian failed Celtic boss (he was an absolute flop at their patch) absolutely loathes Raskin and Rangers, making him root for Celtic beyond compare.

Sure, they sacked him for being rubbish, but he would definitely side with them, so Rangers’ new star player (well, one of them, we have a few) definitely enjoyed the reference to his old boss and his interest in this final.

It’s safe to say Rangers won’t be counting on Deila for his backing for this one, we’ll definitely live with that. His conduct over Scott Allan remains one of the most disgraceful acts in Scottish football history, whereby the former Celtic boss admitted they signed the Hibernian midfielder purely to stop Rangers signing him.

They did it for laughs and banter, and they happily ruined his career to get one over on Rangers.

Selfish reasons to wreck an honest footballer’s career, and found it funny after that.

This was unforgiveable. It’s one thing they sign someone to stop us getting him, but then make him a major player in their team, as they did with boyhood Rangers fan and former link Scott Brown. It’s quite another to just stick him in their squad, barely touch him, just in order to ensure Rangers didn’t get him.

To wreck his career for a laugh at Rangers.

Raskin’s old boss is a piece of work alright and no denying not only would we love to win the trophy and claim bragging rights in Glasgow, but Raskin would quite enjoy the little jab at his former manager and to win something inside a month of joining and getting away from the Norwegian troll.

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