Only Cameron Carter-Vickers would get into a Rangers XI select

Only Cameron Carter-Vickers would get into a Rangers XI select
PERTH, SCOTLAND - JANUARY 21: Rangers manager Michael Beale is seen during the Scottish Cup Fourth Round match between St Johnstone and Rangers at McDiarmid Park on January 21, 2023 in Perth, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

The BBC are now asking fans of Rangers and the other mob to select their combined XI mashup of players from both teams. Ibrox Noise went into this with an impartial mindset, intending to pick three, maybe even four of the dark side’s men, in the interest of fairness.

By the end, hand on heart we only chose Carter Vickers.

For all the other mob’s money, and winning last season’s title, and being ahead by 9 now, Michael Beale has absolutely skyrocketed Rangers’ quality since November, getting so much more out of so many players, that while, true, our blue specs will always be on, aside the American defender, their Calvin Bassey, there isn’t a single player in their squad we’d like to have at Ibrox.

Beale has completely reinvigorated our group, and got the likes of Fashion Sakala and Ryan Kent back to their best – we’re seeing a much more resolute and together team and if you add Borna Barisic and Malik Tillman to those giving more now, we honestly cannot hand on heart justify picking any of their players aside Vickers, and maybe at a very long push, Jota.

But who would he replace?!

Of course, the angry internet people among our support are frothing at the mouth right now reading this mocking the fact we aren’t picking all XI as Celtic, given they’re so far ahead and have a tonne more cash.

But Beale has changed things, sorry, but he has. So many of our players are now infinitely more effective than they were, and the new boys Raskin and Cantwell are, for us, 100% first-picks not only in our team but a combined one as well.

Defence? We’d only drop Goldson, in a shockingly controversial move, simply because for big physical brute-force stopping Carter Vickers is the best in the country by a mile, and he plays in Goldson’s slot. Rangers’ two stoppers are good, but neither is known for physicality.

Aside them, we can’t justify any of their players over ours – it has to be clear cut and obvious, and with the form of so many Rangers players being as good as it is, we can’t make a strong case for anyone else. For those probably arguing Tavernier, he isn’t having a great season but he’s much better than he’s currently playing so…

The only other one that might be a maybe, aside Jota, is Joe Hart, given Rangers’ goalkeeping situation is dire – but McGregor is still capable of fleeting glances of brilliance and brings them out for Old Firm matches. But yes, we might take Hart, and in truth, we did want Siegrist in the summer as well.

But this is ifs and maybes.

Aside Vickers, there’s no player on their side we’d 100% want in our team.

Sorry about that.

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