Michael Beale called ‘unprofessional’ as SPL rival lashes out at Rangers manager

Michael Beale called ‘unprofessional’ as SPL rival lashes out at Rangers manager
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - JANUARY 02: Rangers Head Coach / Manager, Michael Beale looks on prior to during the Cinch Scottish Premiership match between Rangers FC and Celtic FC at on January 02, 2023 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images)

Gus MacPherson is making a name for himself this morning, by remarkably agreeing and disagreeing with Rangers’ Michael Beale at the same time.

While calling Beale’s ‘cowfield’ comments over McDiarmid Park ‘very very unprofessional’ (they were) he has comically agreed with the sentiments nevertheless and confirmed the pitch will be getting fixed this summer.

MacPherson of course is not to be confused his namesake, former Rangers youth player and former St Mirren manager Gus MacPherson, the one in this article’s sights being St Johnstone’s head of football operations.

And believe us, that St Johnstone pitch needs an operation quickly.

He’s not wrong to say Beale’s comments weren’t professional. They were factual, and accurate, but they were not what managers should really say about rivals, and we’re well aware of Beale’s verbals in the press lacking dignity or even factuality at times.

He gets away with it because we win, and generally-speaking he is a very good manager – QPR saw it, even if they pretend they didn’t, and we’re seeing it now.

But we did have to laugh at MacPherson slating the comments then agreeing with them completely. McDiarmid’s pitch was the worst surface, outside of artificial, that we’ve seen in years, and it was a disgrace to see professional footballers compete on it.

If MacPherson is correct that Beale’s comments were unprofessional, well, he’s right, but equally his own club’s pitch was deeply unprofessional to see top flight football on it in that condition.

One was morally unprofessional, but the other was practical, and one of them can do a lot more harm than the other.

Yes, there’s nothing quite like professional hypocrisy to make the world go round, and we can’t know for sure how many of our injuries since that match were caused by our players having to ply their trade on that surface.

Many would argue it’s the same for both teams, but they forget we don’t care about the other team, any other team, only Rangers, and the impact on us.

That’s what matters here, and we have enough injuries without playing on cowfields. Even if it’s ‘not professional’ to call it one.

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