Ibrox manager Michael Beale just keeps defying his Rangers doubters

Ibrox manager Michael Beale just keeps defying his Rangers doubters
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - DECEMBER 15: Rangers Manager Michael Beale speaks with Fourth Official Chris Graham ahead of the Cinch Scottish Premiership match between Rangers FC and Hibernian FC at on December 15, 2022 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images)

Forget the performance and result last night, forget Rangers being through to the quarter-finals of the Scottish Cup – instead whine about it.

Yes, we’re seeing a growing grumpiness in an increasing number of Rangers fans, on all social networks, at Ibrox, and in general among our community, whereby a significant portion of the support seems to be waiting for Michael Beale to fail so they can ‘tell you so’.

They don’t see ‘Barcelona under Pep’ at Ibrox every other week, so reckon we’re rubbish, and ‘the other team’ will murder us, and are miles ahead. That Beale is the wrong man, that the team is not good and the performances are terrible.

Now, we admit some of the football does miss the mark now and then, but these fans seem desperately willing to overlook all the improvements, all the consistent wins, all the individuals whose games have absolutely upgraded under Beale.

Instead, because it’s not 4-0 every match they’re complaining. And of course if it was 4-0 every match they’d whine it was ‘boring’.

The reality? Beale has completely uprooted Rangers and changed how we play. We’re different from Gerrard and different from Gio – Beale has little interest in defence or goals, he’s all about transition, possession, and interchanging. He puts 6 men in the middle and front and pretty much tells them to go for it – supported by two auxiliary wingers in Tav and Barisic.

He overwhelms the opposition and it’s very telling that Rangers are yet to fail to score under Beale.

And yet? Some of our fans are just waiting for things to dip, to go wrong, so they can mount their soapbox pointing at the majority and proudly proclaim they were right.

As things stand, Beale has won every match bar the one we were very unlucky in. That’s about as good as it could possibly be.

He’s also signed two of the best new players we’ve seen in a transfer window coming to Ibrox for many years – Cantwell and Raskin are already shining in the shirt, showing that these are mega-assets in the making already.

So maybe it’s time to stop waiting for a fail, and stop being so negative.

Just a thought.

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  1. Aye OK it’s a fair point . I’ve probably been in the slightly negative area . I agree totally about Cantwell and Raskin they are the type of player we should be signing right age , right price and good experience especially Cantwell who looks EPL level defo. I do like some of the way we play but I always cringe at our defending . Let’s be honest when we beat the rotten mob in 2 weeks Beale will silence us all and ensure we go into next season ready for 56

  2. Hi just wondering if you have seen the managers press conference after the game in which he absolved Tillman of any blame in the situation as he was on the ground and hadn’t seen colak putting the ball out off play. You still end the article saying you hope Tillman learns from what happened, think you should have watched the press conference conference before you wrote the article so you had Michael Beale’s view on this

  3. Good results will breed confidence, confidence will evolve into good form and bravery meaning more chances created and better overall performances from the team. We must remember the one word which must be emphasised- time. The only real outstanding performance so far was Hearts away, that’s what he’s aspiring to get out of the players, hopefully it’ll come in due course.

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