Michael Beale may have a Rangers decision to make over Antonio Colak

Michael Beale may have a Rangers decision to make over Antonio Colak
Raskin assisting Colak (Credit Rangers FC)

If one glorious positive from last night’s chaotic cup win was overlooked, it was the return to form of Antonio Colak, who only needed one real chance to bury his first goal in 5 months.

Yes. 5 months.

Colak, or Goalak, proved he’s lost no confidence at all, and give him a sight of goal, and he will either score, or make the goalie work.

The German-born Croat has not had a good time of it since those infamous big three last year (Celtic, Ajax, Napoli) – as the team floundered, the chances dried up for him and he ended up in a drought, being blamed for being out of form when he was simply feeding off scraps before injury joined his troubles.

But back to present day, finally given a real chance on goal and he buries it, Goalak-style.

Will he ever be Michael Beale’s pet striker? No, Alfredo Morelos will have the edge under this boss because he’s much more of a physical specimen, more of a ‘rounded’ game, even though Colak’s display in Eindhoven was borderline world class and showed that he can play that game too if it’s needed.

All-round Colak is the better striker, but Morelos has the favour under this manager – he lacks clinical finishing, composure, and even workrate some of the time, but he wins fouls and does drag defenders around for sure.

Colak – far better on the ball, better passer, and miles better finisher. There’s a reason he’s done it in 3 decent domestic leagues and in the Champions League qualifiers while Morelos has only done it in the Scottish Premiership and in the Europa League.

But Morelos does have a bit of the ‘10’ in him, can play deeper and link midfield to attack – Colak can too but doesn’t show that side so much.

End of the day, we all know how good a finisher and striker Colak is – he’s the best we have. He was second only to Erling Haaland for goal rate earlier this season – his numbers were superb.

It all boils down to Michael Beale, and him getting over his love-in for Morelos. But that would require him to rebuild his system and adjust it to get the best out of the Croat. We don’t know that he’s willing to do that.

But if he is, Colak will find the net at the same rate he did when he first joined. We’d love to see that again.

And before you ask, no, they’re not playing together. The manager isn’t interested in that. We just report his quotes, we don’t necessarily believe them.

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