Dwight Yorke reckons he can make Aberdeen better than Rangers…

Dwight Yorke reckons he can make Aberdeen better than Rangers…
SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - SEPTEMBER 30: Dwight Yorke head coach of Macarthur FC looks on during an Australia Cup Final media opportunity at CommBank Stadium on September 30, 2022 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Jason McCawley/Getty Images)

Dwight Yorke, a fine footballer in his day and winner of the Champions League with Manchester United, really is losing his marbles with the ridiculous claim he can make Aberdeen better than Rangers.

Now, he didn’t say that in words exactly, instead he said the following:

“Mark Bosnich is a good friend, I promise I haven’t paid him to say I can win the Europa Conference League with Aberdeen! We know that Celtic and Rangers have had a stranglehold over the league for years and no one has been able to break that hold. There is a good opportunity for me to break that hold in the right setting with the right backing. I can understand the high expectation because that is how I am as an individual, things aren’t impossible. Before anything happens, I have to get the job first, this is just based on what Bosnich has said.”

Now, logically, because Celtic are, currently, the champions, York is saying he can be better than at least one of the Old Firm, and with Rangers currently, mathematically, second, it has to be us he’s getting at.

It’s just ridiculous piffle – no team without serious financial backing can become a challenger in Scotland. We even have proof. Aberdeen, in all the years Rangers weren’t in the top flight, they were nowhere near Celtic. Sure, one or two seasons they did top the table briefly, but it was short-lived.

And that’s without one half of the Old Firm there.

Yorke is just talking big, making bold promises and trying to get himself a job. He even invoked the Sir Alex clause, by pointing out he’s the best manager England has ever seen (we get the point) and he came from Aberdeen, and achieved so much with them.

But that was Sir Alex, arguably one of the top five managers in football history – he’s not really a fair example.

The point is Yorke is talking out of his backside to get a job, and trying to make a headline. No one is breaking Rangers and Celtic’s domination of Scotland. Leicester achieved a miracle in England, but they had Kante and Mahrez – Aberdeen have Jonny Hayes.

It was certainly a full moon the other day…

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