As Rangers face Partick Thistle, the Scottish press obsesses with Leeds & Celtic

As Rangers face Partick Thistle, the Scottish press obsesses with Leeds & Celtic
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - JANUARY 28: Michael Beale, Manager of Rangers, speaks with Damian Matthew, Assistant Manager of Rangers, prior to the Cinch Scottish Premiership match between Rangers FC and St. Johnstone FC at Ibrox Stadium on January 28, 2023 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Rangers face Partick Thistle today in the Viaplay cup quarter-final, or fifth round as the tournament likes to call it, but most of the news seems to be focused on what’s going at Leeds, and the supposed interest they have in the other team’s manager.

We’re going to be clear on this, despite what the press tells you and what even Ally McCoist tells you – we would not celebrate Stavros leaving his team ‘because he’s a great manager’. He has been put in his place by any half decent challenge he’s received – he was gash every single European campaign and the one time a strong Rangers faced him we were so unlucky not to win.

So we have absolutely no fear about our rival and are more than happy if he stays and our manager Michael Beale puts him in his place in time.

However, there’s a perception that he’s some kind of miracle worker (easy to win in the Scottish Premiership with a blank cheque and 9 minutes added on in extra time isn’t it) and that the other team would be weakened for losing him, and, as we say, Ally McCoist only added to this by suggesting us fans would be delighted if he left.

Well, Ibrox Noise would find it funny, funny ala Brendan Rodgers, watching the meltdown of hate as another manager over there gets utterly slaughtered for moving onto something better, and being accused of never being the right stuff for their club in the first place.

We don’t care what happens over there, but there is a spot of Schadenfreude when things go wrong – of course there is. But we have zero ‘relief’ on him leaving in football senses – he’s just not that good a boss and anyone can win in Scotland with infinite funds to back him up.

So time will tell what goes on in other places in Scottish football, we’ll just quietly get on with facing Partick Thistle in the cup, and then facing the other team later in the month in the other cup final. We’ll see that day who really is the better manager of Beale and he, and frankly, we rather already know the answer to that one.

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  1. Fairly fortunate to beable to bring all them Asians in on fairly cheep contracts & 5 substitutions. I know one thing i wouldn’t be happy playing for them on much less than what our players are getting. Very fortunate indeed lol

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