“Hit and miss – 5” Rangers players rated in Old Firm stalemate

“Hit and miss – 5” Rangers players rated in Old Firm stalemate
Ryan Kent scores Rangers' equaliser (Credit Rangers FC)

Michael Beale’s first Rangers Old Firm as manager has ended in a frustrating and avoidable draw. Here’s Ibrox Noise’s ratings for the players on a truly missed opportunity.


No saves made at all, just one claim, and one aerial win, a quiet performance from McGregor who’s had much better Old Firms. Was helpless with both goals. 5


Horrible concentration for the opener, and absolutely shocking passing level at just 58%, the captain might have nailed a belting penalty but was otherwise absolutely atrocious. Crossing was diabolical. 4


He was alright, exposed completely for the opening goal and didn’t manage as many clearances as he usually would. The partnership with Davies was not particularly convincing. 5


Hard to notice him, seems to be going back into that inconspicuous defender who’s neat and tidy but lacks presence. Barely involved as a defender and his passing was hit and miss. 5


Non-existent at the back, and crossing was underwhelming. Passing was pretty poor. 5


Strong display from Lunny who was one of the few in the first half to show up and try. Was the most effective defender and midfielder on the whole pitch, and didn’t deserve the abuse some fans were giving him. 7


Where do we begin here? Barely involved, hardly moved, and… typical Kamara. That’s what you get if you keep playing him, Michael. 4


Selected for his creativity but was weak for presence and distinctly lazy, Tillman is a player who has talent but gets swallowed up by some occasions. This was one of them. 5


Always works so very hard, but usually runs into a wall, rather than through it. Big assist for Kent’s goal, but otherwise it was just run run run and little quality behind any of it. Had a late chance to lay it on a plate, and elected to shoot wildly wide. Was the least involved attacker aside Morelos. 6


Fans decided to have a go at him in the first half despite his being by a distance the team’s best player, and he (and Ibrox Noise) were vindicated with his brilliant goal. Best passing in the team, 3 shots and all 3 on target, 3 long balls, all on point. He was very good and really doesn’t deserve the negativity he gets. 8


But then we get this heap of rubbish. Antonio Colak must be wondering what Beale is seeing to select this utter waster, who just keeps missing open goals in big matches like it’s going out of fashion. He’s not exactly lazy, but he’s overweight, slow and unfocused, and he’s nowhere near deserving of the shirt these days. Time to dump him. 3



Didn’t have any impact on this one – is no use as ‘impact sub’. Only half his passes hit their target. 4


Another bad sub. Beale could have won this match, but brought on a weakling like this – yes he can run, but he’s well short of the level needed and Vickers just batted him away. 2


Another bad sub, Sands was the wrong guy to bring on, was rusty and dallied late on to waste a chance which could have led to a winning goal, turning it over instead. 2


Oh where do we start here? He got the starting XI totally wrong – we wanted Arfield and Jack in from the start, instead we got Sakala and Kamara. While one did at least work for the shirt, neither delivered the level needed, and only an unexpected Celtic collapse in the second half gave a massive chance for a shock win we might not have fully deserved. But then having gotten the team back into it, Beale shot himself in the foot with three bad subs which gave momentum back to the visitors. 2-2 was a fair result in the end but did Rangers no good at all. 4

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  1. It wasn’t great , but we let them off the hook . Tav was awful followed by Morelos and Kamara they should be punted ASAP. Micheal Beale gave Postegulou a get of jail free with his Surrender disgraceful gutless substitutes. 2nd half we needed Arfield Colak and Lowry . We got the three stooges .

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