Michael Beale finally ‘admits’ Rangers goalkeeper Jon McLaughlin isn’t up to it

Michael Beale finally ‘admits’ Rangers goalkeeper Jon McLaughlin isn’t up to it
PERTH, SCOTLAND - JANUARY 21: Rangers manager Michael Beale is seen ahead of the Scottish Cup Fourth Round match between St Johnstone and Rangers at McDiarmid Park on January 21, 2023 in Perth, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Michael Beale has finally backtracked on his praise for Jon McLaughlin after previously defending Rangers’ inept number two, and changed his own ‘narrative’ on the hapless deputy.

After complaining previously that there was an ‘unfair’ and ‘poor’ ‘narrative’ on McLaughlin, and defending his CV and performances, Beale has about-turned after finally realising how absolutely rotten McLaughlin is, by admitting he’s no longer impressed.

Not in direct words, of course, but the rhetoric has definitely changed:

“I have goalkeepers in mind for the summer that I’d like to add. But I want to give Jon access to playing because he’s been here a long time and in the season we won the league he played a lot of games and did well. I wanted to see what was there and I want to give Robby the same opportunity as well. Allan understands that because of his age. He knows I have to see what’s here. I don’t want to be looking for three goalkeepers in the summer.”

‘I wanted to see what was there’ and ‘because he’s been here a long time’ and ‘access to playing’ is no longer the positive rhetoric defending McLaughlin and castigating his critics, instead backing down hugely, reducing the flattery and coming as close to admitting the former Sunderland stopper is nowhere near the level needed as we’ll get and he’s using him because frankly at the moment he doesn’t have much choice.

Beale’s previous commentary seemed genuinely angry at that ‘unfair narrative’ around McLaughlin, but there’s only so many fresh air swipes and rabbit in headlights looks Beale can actually accept from his goalkeeper before the game is up, and today Rangers are strongly linked to Norwich’s Angus Gunn.

We all know McGregor is past it, but of course was magnificent until maybe 12 months ago, as Ibrox Noise said it, he saved everything for 55, left it all out there, had maybe the season of his life, but had little left after that and saved his final best for Europe, and after Sevilla, he was completely and finally done. And that’s fine.

But he and McLaughlin need replaced, and Beale has now confirmed it’s a priority position this summer.

Sooner we have at least two quality stoppers in the door, the better.

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