Will Cantwell signing change things at Rangers for Scott Arfield?

Will Cantwell signing change things at Rangers for Scott Arfield?
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - OCTOBER 12: Scott Arfield of Rangers celebrates after scoring their team's first goal during the UEFA Champions League group A match between Rangers FC and Liverpool FC at Ibrox Stadium on October 12, 2022 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

If Todd Cantwell’s arrival at Rangers spells ‘trouble’ for anyone at Ibrox, it’s Scott Arfield. These two are rather similar kinds of players, but Cantwell is the new arrival, the new model, and Arfield, already just a fringe player, will find himself lower down Michael Beale’s pecking order, having already realised he’s just not a starter under the new manager.

Scotty won’t mind. He’s a very humble Ranger – he already confirmed weeks ago that he has no expectations over a new deal, because he isn’t an ‘asset’ (his words not ours) so he’ll just quietly wait and get on with his thing.

And the arrival of Cantwell in the more creative areas of midfield spells trouble for Scotty, who will now see a new body in front of him and a lot more likely to play, assuming he performs, of course.

Or, equally, it might make absolutely no difference to Arfield at all – Scotty, whether we like it or not, under Michael Beale, appears to be an impact sub, a guy to bring on in the second half when the first half hasn’t gone too well. He lifts everyone around him and raises the spirit and game.

Of course, he can do this from the start as well, and we’re sure he’ll still find himself in the first team now and then, but mostly, he’s been ‘reduced’ to sub. And he will be ok with that.

See, Scotty is a Rangers man, a player, and most importantly, a fan. Like Kyle Lafferty years ago, who famously said he didn’t care if he played or not as long as the team won, Scotty will take his role at Rangers with dignity – he always has.

And if Cantwell is ahead of him now then that’s just that, in Arfield’s view, as long as the team keeps winning.

Beale will still look to his trooper in Arfield, frequently, to change matches, and that won’t change with any arrivals, never mind Cantwell.

But the new model is arriving soon, and Scotty will feel it doesn’t matter what role anyone has at the club – winning and success are what matters.

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