Most Rangers fans have decided Scotty Arfield is better as a sub – they’re wrong

Most Rangers fans have decided Scotty Arfield is better as a sub – they’re wrong
Scotty celebrates his winner (Credit Rangers FC)

Ibrox Noise last night put out a post explaining while we’re not the manager, we’d start Scott Arfield. Scotty is one of the most popular players in the shirt, giving everything and more, and the notion of him starting an Old Firm for Rangers didn’t, to us, seem that controversial.

The response, around 150 comments, was overwhelmingly in disagreement, with only a few likeminded ones trickling through. The disagreement? The strong majority believed Arfield is a much, MUCH better impact sub, and makes his impression at 60+ minutes when defenders are tiring.

After his impact coming on at Aberdeen, we can understand why so many fans want to see him used this way, and they like the idea of his energy coming on and lifting the team to drive hard over the last 30 minutes.

Indeed, many believe he’s too old to start, and doesn’t have the same impact from the start.

We believe this opinion has some merit, but it also underestimates Scott Arfield shamefully, forgetting completely who was the best player from the start v Liverpool (scoring, btw), and who shone above everyone else in the Champions League for the majority of his matches, all of which were starts bar one.

One even suggested we look at his stats this season, so, we have:

As a sub in the league: 3 goals in 12. As a starter: 1 goal, one assist in 6. In short, Scott Arfield has, more or less, the same statistical input whether he’s a starter or a sub – fractionally better as a starter. League cup? 2 starts, 2 goals.

This is why fans, having seen his incredible impact at Pittodrie, have now made their mind up that that’s his role, that’s his best job. Being a sub.

The truth is he is just as good as a starter, and any idea he’s too old to be one is absolute poppycock.

Would we start Scott Arfield in every match? Probably not. But we WOULD start him in the big ones, where he is well known to rise to the top – just ask Liverpool, and Celtic. It’s also notable that Scott Arfield, since joining Rangers, has started every single match Rangers have had v Celtic, only missing two through injury.

He is a big-time player, and will give everything.

Whether he’s a sub or starting on Monday, he will give the equal amount either way.

That’s what makes him, despite modestly suggesting otherwise, one of Rangers’ biggest assets.

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  1. I think Beale will be looking at his past old firms and seeing how the midfield three of Jack Kamara/Davis and Arfield dominated and try and go with that, and let Kent/Tillman/Morelos run riot in attack (hopefully!).
    I think Arfield has looked like he gives more coming off the bench the last year or so, if he’s started he’s usually been subbed around the 60min mark. If only Sakala/Matondo/Wright had half the impact Scotty does when he comes on!

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