Kemar Roofe bizarre update as Rangers striker IS and ISN’T available

Kemar Roofe bizarre update as Rangers striker IS and ISN’T available
Rangers' English striker Kemar Roofe reacts to a missed chance during the UEFA Europa League Quarter-final, second leg football match between Rangers and Sporting Braga at the Ibrox Stadium, in Glasgow, on April 14, 2022. (Photo by ANDY BUCHANAN / AFP) (Photo by ANDY BUCHANAN/AFP via Getty Images)

Kemar Roofe’s Rangers career continues to flounder after the Jamaican international was rated ‘tough and go’ by manager Michael Beale, following yet more injury issues as the attacker once again finds himself in limbo at Ibrox.

The former Leeds man, with just two appearances this season, was quoted by Beale as being touch and go for tomorrow but ‘definitely’ available if Alfredo Morelos doesn’t make it, which, of course, is a completely contradiction and the usual nonsense dialogue the manager makes to keep the misdirection going.

But end of the day, Roofe, with those two sub cameos this term, cannot be relied on to ever be fit when he is needed, with constant ‘issues’ undermining any chance he ever has of being able to sustain a few appearances in a row for Rangers.

It’s all very well his posting ‘inspiring’ photos of himself in training on social media platforms, but the proof is in the pudding of how much he is actually available for Michael Beale to use. And we’d be stunned if he’s even on the bench tomorrow.

His 16 appearances in total last year were a dreadful return and the frustrating aspect is that when he is fit and available, he’s a tremendous player who’s excellent for goalscoring. Great pace, great composure, good positional sense and a keen eye for goal, Roofe is an immensely annoying player for how good he can be, but how little he’s available to be that good.

He’s constantly ‘almost ready’ but never seems to actually make those promises count.

Is it time to cut our losses on him? A £4M signing, he may have scored literally one of the best goals ever seen in the world of football, but if he’s unable to even be available for the majority of his Rangers contract, it’s a busted flush.

And yet, according to Beale, he’s definitely available if Alfie isn’t fit. Which is a confusing comment if ever we heard one.

Well, we guess we’ll find out tomorrow just how definitely available Roofe actually is and maybe Rangers fans might get to see him in the jersey for once?

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