“Totally done – 0” Rangers players rated after horror show v St Johnstone

“Totally done – 0” Rangers players rated after horror show v St Johnstone
Rangers' English defender and captain James Tavernier warms up with teammates ahead of the first round Group A UEFA Champions League football match between Ajax Amsterdam (NED) and Rangers (SCO) at The Johan Cruijff ArenA in Amsterdam on September 7, 2022. (Photo by Kenzo TRIBOUILLARD / AFP) (Photo by KENZO TRIBOUILLARD/AFP via Getty Images)

Another horrible match for Rangers, with the boss close to the exit now. But how did the players fare on one to forget?


Had no chance with the first, but a statue for the second, McGregor is absolutely finished. We’ve been beaten up by the readers for criticising when we advocated his return, but the truth is different. We wanted McCrorie over he and McLaughlin, McCrorie and/or Siegrist and Ozer. McGregor is totally done. 0


Another loose pass, bad decision, and Rangers are 1-0 down. This guy simply cannot defend, cannot lead, can’t even create any more. Sure he scored, but honestly, who cares? 2


We feel for this lad. He should NOT be playing for Rangers at this point, and every match is shoving him backwards. Struggled and his late slip and miss summed up why he shouldn’t be playing. 2


Another match in which he left the pitch early, has only survived 90 minutes four times as a Rangers player. He has composure on the ball and great passing but just isn’t strong enough. His ‘partnership’ with King isn’t one. 2


He is the only stopper to get any credit – saved two goals, and threw in almost 20 good crosses, with half of them accurate. He was very good and deserves judged as such. 7


Defensively everywhere, and hit the woodwork twice, Lunny is having big matches now with Sands besides him, with excellent distribution. He’s doing little wrong out there and had a good one today as well. 7


Quietly gets on with it, his subtle nature allows the best of Lunny. Lots of defending through the middle, and his passing was among the best. 6


Not great from Kent today, lost the ball way too many times, but paradoxically had the highest passing, an astonishing 97%. Unfortunately none of it was going anywhere. Managed just one accurate cross of 6 attempts, and was mostly very wasteful. 4


Actually a decent display again from Tillman because he does try, he tries to make things happen, but there’s a bit of a disconnect between him and the rest. He doesn’t look like he’s playing with everyone else. 5


Just continues trying but continues failing, Sakala is Forrest Gump in a Rangers shirt – 8 shots NONE on target and yes that includes the header off the bar. There’s just never any product from him. Ever. 3


Too isolated, didn’t get much service, and was a bit wasteful with four shots. Not his best and shows he is human. 4



Did absolutely nothing. Looked deeply unmotivated. 3


Made no real impact. 3

Kamara/Wright/Matondo: N/A


Gio is now at the end of his tether. His selection wasn’t awful but his insistence now with sticking with the hopeless Sakala not to mention Tavernier and King (albeit does he have much choice) was his undoing. Made a bunch of changes but none of them made a blind bit of difference. The players did try, we had tonnes of shots, but there was that huge lack of quality out there, and 56 is probably gone now. As is his job. 0

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  1. Colak 4?
    The guy is an out and out coward, have you seen actually put in a tackle?
    He runs towards players and always and I do mean “ALWAYS” pulls up a yard or 2 from making any tackles
    Colak runs about like a headless chicken doing nothing and can’t jump either.

  2. Kent was awful he is not interested both he and Morelos are waste of a Jersey. Tavernier is doing a Goldson , deal banked now just stroll. It’s a mess . Young King exposed again. 1 up front when St Johnstone are playing 2 ?? No plan no class, no impact , no urgency , no pride it’s a mess on and off the park . The board sit in silence while we throw the league at the rotten mob again ffs. I know it will cost to get rid of GVB but we don’t just need to lose him we need a clear out as Boydy said . Too many don’t care .

  3. Yet again pathetic not acceptable something should have been done like yesterday a will say again why is this shambles being aloud to continue it makes me sick to the stomache total disgrace.

  4. I agree what is going on on and off the park is worrying. I have asked before who would replace Gio and make things better and have not seen any realistic and practical suggestions. Any new manager will still have the same players and if half of them aren’t interested then nothing will change

  5. It’s amazing how things change in the fickle world of football Tavernier getting slated after last season being a top scores in the Europa league he’s never been the best defending full back but a good attacking one instead of sending young Patterson to Everton should have kept him and moved Tav up into midfield where he could have done a job no bother.
    Celtic have guys who can score goals it’s a bad day when your full back is consistently one of your top scorers more goals should be coming from midfielders and all over the team.The veteran players like Mcgregor and Davis who in the past have been Great should have been replaced at the end of last season.
    The recruitment is poor and not only the Manager but the players really need to look at themselves their supposed to be professionals just my opinion.

  6. Tbf on gio his selection, hess selecting the best he has. Sakala is better than matondo, probably not Wright but hes hopeless aswell. The team is basically picking itself until we get players back from injury. We should’ve win yesterday, it was hard luck but its the same aul story everytime we play. Get the ball to the wide players & let them waste it.

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