Gio on brink of the sack as Rangers fall once again in Perth

Gio on brink of the sack as Rangers fall once again in Perth
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - OCTOBER 22: Rangers manager Giovanni van Bronckhorst and his assistant Dave Vos are seen during the Cinch Scottish Premiership match between Rangers FC and Livingston FC at on October 22, 2022 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Giovanni van Bronckhorst was today on the verge of the sack after yet another horror show from his Rangers men as the side fell at St Johnstone in a disappointing result which leaves the side now 7 points trailing behind Celtic.

With 56 now close to evaporating and November barely underway, the pressure on Gio is now overwhelming, and fan-feeling has entirely lost all goodwill for the Dutch manager, who has demonstrated inability to cope in the UCL, and now, at a typically fertile stomping ground in the form of McDiarmid for Rangers.

GVB never won fans over and appealed in the way Steven Gerrard did, with goodwill towards the Liverpool boss lasting for well over three years, two years of nothing before 55 which still saw fan favour well and truly on his side.

But not even a European final and Scottish Cup ever won the majority of Rangers fans over in Gio’s case, and today’s appalling result in Perth will have done nothing to strengthen Gio’s case in their eyes, with the majority now very much losing all patience with Rangers’ manager.

Are they right? Injuries haven’t helped, but neither has the form of so many of the players, with untouchable Tav once again a major cause of yet more conceded goals. His immunity as much as anything else could see the boss lose his job, with that 7 point gap already looking rather unassailable.

It’s disappointing – Gio is a good man, a good Rangers man at that, but appears unable to turn this around, and doesn’t have the answers when asked either. While losing most of his squad through injury isn’t helping, his tactics clearly don’t work either, and end of the day, it’s a results-driven business.

We can’t see him being in the job by Monday, if we’re honest. And it’s a shame, because he’s likable, he’s one of us, and he tries his best. But too many decisions he’s made (and had made for him) just haven’t worked, and Rangers are now a complete mess, failing in Europe and now domestically too.

Any way back? We can’t see that either, it looks end of the line for Gio now.

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  1. The absolute flop will be gone by tomorrow, if he hasn’t, l will be at lbrox with the pitchforks, he should have gone by the summer, as you say, Gio is a decent enough fella, but he has never cut it, even the scouse rhat put him to shame, l wish l could drive as l would be the first one to take him straight to the airport, he might be one of us but l said a while ago, he has took us as far as he could and nobody listened, things are that bad l would rather have the snake back that walked away in the middle of the night to a train station, Gio is the new Pedro, an absolute poor excuse of a manager

  2. Collectively, there’s very little in the way of dynamism about the players now. Out of possession, they do not do enough to regain it and when they have the ball, they’re not assured or clinical enough to make it count.

    The supporters don’t help the situation by booing the players as much as it’s their right to express themselves as they think fit. We have no God given right to expect our club to belong at any level. It has to be earned. And just now, we’re not cutting it. At all.

  3. The league is long gone, 10 points dropped in 13 games – a third of the season down and a bang average squad with a number of ageing players needing replaced. No strategy, no long term planning, eye watering debt, no youth players stepping up. Sacking the manager will cost a fortune and who comes in with no euro games, and a doomed league campaign ahead of them. If Aberdeen hadn’t capitulated last week they’d be 1 point behind and gunning for 2nd.

  4. He must be given time after the World cup when players will hopefully return after injury and a transfer window. He will then be able to jettison the non triers Kent Morelos and Kamara to name but 3. Also phase out McGregor Davis and Arfield. It will cost a fortune to pay off Gio and his staff and any money must be invested in the team. The league is not won or lost in November and the injuries we have had mean that we have not been able to field our strongest team for weeks we also have to play the scum 3 times. It is imperative that the 2 games before the break are won and then we start fresh in December

    • please fuck off Donald along with Gio, it i opinions like your inside Ibrox that have seen our team sunk, you really need to grow a pair Donald, im pissed right off reading from other upporter defending Gio, he has won fuck all apart from the Scottih cup which the scouse rhat did most of the work, Gio lost an easy lead when he took over last season and look at us now you fucking idiot, stop defending the management, they are an absolute diaster

    • To Seb do not tell me to fuck off. I have been a Rangers supporter for 50 years and have seen far worse teams in that time tha this one. You probably are a glory hunter who doesn’t know the first thing about football and all you can do is resort to personal abuse if someone disagrees with you opinion and I will take no crap from you. Gio won the Scottish Cup and came within a penalty kick of winning a European trophy. He has made mistakes but the players are the issue and due to the injuries he has had to play some who would never be near the starting 11. Finally Seb give me a name to replace him.

    • Time up ! ENUFF IS ENUFF Ther should be showing we have to again getting rid about 10 o them hoo is the choice hoo wasnt e job ?

  5. There is no chance of beating them 3 times gio has only got the best of ange 1 time and that was in the scottish cup still to beat them in the leauge,need someone to come in and take it to them across the city

  6. Are you seriously suggesting the man that took you to a European final 5 months ago, who lost at least one of the club’s best players in the summer should be fired after gaining only 1 point less than Celtic in the Champions League and who could be only 4 points behind Celtic should Rangers win the January 2nd game at Ibrox? Rangers will bank north of £30 million because the club under his leadership qualified for the Group Stages navigating trickier games than have previously knocked out Celtic… Just beating Union Saint-Gilloise and PSV makes this season a success. Celtic would have taken a £20-30million revenue leap in front of Rangers had Rangers failed. Even if Rangers finish second this season they will still have the same opportunity to qualify for the Champions League group stages. Last season Celtic were I think further behind Rangers at this point of the season but still ended up winning the league. I think this talk is extremely premature, absolute madness to be honest.

  7. It’s a mess , the Board have tried to do too much with the gained finances. Why the Museum without that we could have bought at least 3/4 players . G VB doesn’t know how to change the game or instill any discipline . Too many non triers too many who don’t give a fuck Kent Morelos Goldson ….Tav joke since he got his deal

  8. It’s Pedro Van Bronckhorst! Humiliated in Europe and 56 down the toilet on 06 November! The board are skinflints for not investing properly and the fitness and medical staff could be working for the other lot given the amount of injuries to key players we have endured and lack of effort and running in some these truly horrific UCL “performances”. This is possibly down to lack of fitness. Last season we were the stronger and fitter team in the Scottish Cup Semi despite going to Extra Time in the UEL 3 days earlier. We were also the fitter team in both the UEL & Scottish Cup finals. We have backslid dramatically.

  9. Who could do any better with that list of Injuries!!! He has been let down by a couple of senior players and his blind loyalty to Kent may cost him dear. Leagues gone, time to let Alex Lowry take over the midfield. To many average players in the Squad. WATP!!!

  10. Definitely not done good enough but is it GVB’s fault Barisic today was yet again caught on his heels for StJ’s 2nd goal. He did the same at Celtic earlier in the season. Loads of injuries and yes IF we win on 2nd Jan it’s only 4pts. BUT that’s not going to happen unfortunately. Gio has to go and sell the 5 non triers and bring in 5 new better players – dig deep Rangers Board or we will win nothing this season!!

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