The World Cup gives Rangers a MASSIVE January opportunity

The World Cup gives Rangers a MASSIVE January opportunity
Policewomen walk past FIFA World Cup signs as they arrive at the Main Media Center (MMC) in Doha on October 31, 2022, ahead of the Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup football tournament. (Photo by Jewel SAMAD / AFP) (Photo by JEWEL SAMAD/AFP via Getty Images)

The January window is almost upon us, with less than two months till the major winter extravaganza of panic signings and mistakes (Diallo and Ramsey, anyone) is here again, and of course, this year it’s a bit different with something appearing which has never been there before.

The world cup ending up 16 days before the winter window begins is the biggest shop window the sport of football has ever seen, and if Rangers are to heal the rather abject summer window along with the injuries ailing the squad, there is no question attention will have to be paid to events in Qatar, regardless of how many players our club actually has there.

Indeed, every major football championship is especially pertinent for being a shop window, a huge advert for players out of contract or seeking a big-money summer move, but usually the a major championship is DURING the middle window, when the player is either out of contract just past, or readying themselves for the next season.

It has never before been in the middle of an actual season where players’ form and fortunes are now fairly well established mid-campaign – and which gives suitors a chance to scout new players with just a few weeks to wait at most till the chance to sign them surfaces.

This is action Rangers must take – it is essential we use the world cup to unearth new talent, most likely under contract, that can strengthen our team considerably going into next year. We know that January signings can be a bit more hit and miss than summer, but we absolutely must exploit this once off opportunity to bring some new players in, even though in most cases they will be under contract.

Gio has made the claim there is literally no money, but it’s as close to a complete porkie as the manager has ever said – we cannot outright accuse him of fabrication, but we can find little case to defend what he claimed. And we must use the cash we have to invest in January, having found a few gems, we hope, during the world cup.

There will be 32 teams in action, which is around 100+ defenders alone to choose from – no one is going to tell us that is not happening and we will just make do with Leon King.

Be it from Japan, Iran or Timbuctoo, Rangers must act and make a few additions this window, and there’s never been a better chance to get a sneak preview of what we’re signing.

Make it happen, Rangers.

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  1. The world cup is a conundrum for the board ,stick or twist ? leave our beleaguered head coach in the job ,give him more funds in january to potentially fuck up again .
    The other option is fire him just before it, giving themselves time and a new manager time to come in and rebuild a demoralised injury ravaged squad with funds ,to rebuild for the following season ,as the summer is just too short a time as has been proven .
    I know what my way of thinking would be ……..

  2. The mystery is still why Geo is still in charge, 99% of us want him gone before we end up a total embarrassment and walk away with nothing this season, a new manager no matter who it is, the players will work their socks off to impress, whilst Gio is still in the dugout, the players think they just need to turn up and absolutely nothing will change, you cannot do the exact same thing every game and expect different results, sure, we pumped the buddies then the sheep, that is only putting a plaster over a gaping wide hole

    I pray the Parks will sell up as well, things have got to change and change soon

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