Giovanni van Bronckhorst basically admits he has no idea how to fix Rangers

Giovanni van Bronckhorst basically admits he has no idea how to fix Rangers
Well he's going nowhere unless the board find the cash.

Giovanni van Bronckhorst has as good as given up as Rangers manager by admitting he’s helpless to fix this malaise after yet another bad result in Perth.

Rangers fell to a miserable defeat at a traditionally strong stomping ground for the Famous, but Gio’s post-match comments did not scream of a man of defiance, but of one who admits he’s out of ideas and doesn’t know what to do.

He said:

“I’m confident. I will keep on working, it’s all we can do at the moment. We will stay together and focus on the next game. That’s all I can do.”

‘That’s all I can do’ about sums it up – despite the prefix of ‘confidence’ his demeanour is anything but and it’s pretty clear his inspiration has dried up and the boss doesn’t know how to fix this situation at all.

From a Euro final, to this – how did it get to this?

In short, a lot of this sits on the board – the top of a club has to be healthy for the rest to have a chance, look at Man Utd and their messy ownership and hated chiefs – and the club has suffered top down as a result.

And Rangers’ board is diabolical, being badly run since March 2021 – the month we won 55. But it got away with it due to Seville. But now the ripple effect is being harshly felt from above to below, as the manager struggles and the players lose all direction.

And Gio is now as good as on record as admitting he has no idea how to resolve this mess, no idea how to get the players doing better and no idea what the plan is.

His fault? Parts are, yes, but the loss of half the squad, a pretty terrible transfer window and players who look demotivated isn’t helping. Isn’t helping at all.

So yes, Gio is struggling, but he’s far from the only cause – even if he does resign or get fired, we’ll never have a bad word to say about him. Honest criticism of some of his management, yes, but on him? Little.

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  1. Players NEED to play for him NOT against him fgs, get rid of the board ( not possible i know) something has to shift , put some rockets in the players shirts , but what do i know eh. Where,s our money gone and dont say DEBTS

  2. Have a look at the injury list and the time it is taking for players to recover. Hagi, Helander and Roofe all being out for too long. Injuries take time but with the right rehabilitation and management nothing medically should take 10-12 months. I would question the medical staff’s experience as there have been changes recently and not for the better. Having looked at the staff history/length of time since qualification the onboard physio side appears sadly lacking. I am speaking as a recently retired physio of 40 + years. Gio’s options are very limited currently because of this so he is basically fire fighting. Too much negativity which I am sure doesn’t help the players.

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