Ross Wilson has suddenly gone very quiet at Rangers indeed

Ross Wilson has suddenly gone very quiet at Rangers indeed
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - AUGUST 09: Rangers director of football Ross Wilson is seen in the stands during the Ladbrokes Scottish Premiership match between Rangers FC and St. Mirren at Ibrox Stadium on August 09, 2020 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Willie Vass/Pool via Getty Images)

If one person has gone VERY quiet the past few weeks it’s Director of Football Ross Wilson. Rangers’ ‘overseer’ of all football operations has been under major pressure in recent times, after it came to light essentially that he was in charge 100% of player transfers and Rangers’ significant deterioration this season is in no small part down to him.

Even more tellingly, Wilson was not part of the statement which (badly-worded) a goodbye to Giovanni van Bronckhorst, it being left to Rangers Chairman Douglas Park to make a rare comment instead, even if his punctuation, grammar and prose could use a lot of work.

No, Wilson was completely AWOL from proceedings, and hasn’t been heard from at all during this new Rangers managerial search, even although we would assume he’s spearheading the work to bring the new man into Ibrox.

Wilson, rightly or wrongly, is entirely keeping a low profile the past month or so, amid that tonne of pressure he is now under.

See, the Director of Football is the chief of Rangers’ football operations – he hires, fires, does the paperwork and ultimately has to be held responsible for every mistake made. Credit? He used to get a lot – he was praised hugely for getting Gio, for the big player profits in sales we’ve made in recent times, and for Sevilla. Steven Gerrard also spoke highly of him.

Ergo, he must also take heavy flack for the things that have gone wrong in Govan recently, and that essentially amounts to a poor strategy which didn’t seem to prepare for many eventualities at all.

Wilson is all talk in the interviews, speaking like a real businessman who sounds like he knows what he’s doing and appears to have strategies in place to deal with all situations. But the reality is a bit different, and while we cannot blame him every single thing going wrong right now, a lot of it does indeed fall on him.

Hence he remained absent from the exit of Gio, and has been extremely inconspicuous since then, and indeed prior too.

Is his time up? He is deeply unpopular with Rangers fans at present, something he doesn’t have to worry about when things are good on the pitch.

But as we said before, he has a lot of answers to make, and if he doesn’t give Michael Beale full reign as manager, if Beale ends up dancing Wilson’s song, the patterns under Gio will just come back again.

And Wilson’s position, if it isn’t already, may become untenable.

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  1. I really thought he was on his way out as well when it was park that made the announcement .
    The amount of money being wasted on players and expensive mistakes so far ,yilmaz,old players re signed kunt ,morelos running down their contracts etc has happened under his watch .
    I cannot imagine this is going unnoticed in boardroom ,he is on very thin ice imo especially if the beale appointment turns out to be much of the same .

  2. Small part IN ???

    75% was because of Wilson, 15% Geo, 10% Tav

    the board have to get him to fuck as quick as or else the January window we will be bringing more crocks and underachievers, finishing 2nd in the league and zero trophies if we are lucky

  3. World class managers have been sacked for less , Tuchel for example . Wilson and the boards strategy (I use the term loosely) has failed . Who’s to say GVB has not been overuled too if he wanted to jettison the non triers Kamara Kent and Morelos and bin Barasic. Its all too cloak and dagger, too secretive and extremely damaging . The rotten mob are pissing themselves its so pathetic the way we are collapsing. Wilson and the Board are the reason .

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