Douglas Park can barely speak English as Rangers chairman releases statement

Douglas Park can barely speak English as Rangers chairman releases statement
The man at the top was part of the problem....

This might be going too far, but can we really trust a Rangers board when even their statements are grammatically a mess?

Douglas Park said today:

“Unfortunately, recent results have not met neither our nor Gio’s expectations, and we have taken this difficult decision today. Everyone at Rangers wishes Gio every success in the future.”

Call us anal, and maybe we are, but the first sentence there has a dreadful punctuation error, where Park is attributed as saying ‘recent results have not met neither our nor Gio’s expectations’ which is absolutely shockingly-worded.

The correct English is ‘results have not met either our nor Gio’s expectations’. Or better ‘recent results have met neither our nor Gio’s expectations’. Sure, in the grand scheme of things does it really matter? But to us at Ibrox Noise, yes it does. It matters that our club conducts itself well, that any statements are professional and well-composed. It matters that Rangers don’t look stupid.

And Ibrox having recently dispensed with an admittedly-abysmal press officer in David Graham, the club’s statement today is just rotten English – and we expect and demand better.

We’re well aware most fans will probably not care how a Rangers statement is worded, and will have a go at us for focusing on things which don’t matter, but this is the kind of thing that does. That looking professional and being able to word formal prose does matter when it comes to official club announcements, rather than poorly-worded posts like that.

Admittedly it’s Park’s own quote that’s the messy bit, as if they really didn’t think or care how it was worded, but in this time where we expect our standards to be high, they just keep on falling as a result of the board.

Joyful isn’t it?

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      • You’re a bunch of wankers who think they’re funny. The grammar on this website has been dreadful more than once. You’re literally a bunch of cunts who’s whole identity is negative criticism. Picking fault in every single thing the club do. You should be ashamed.

      • Wow,just sacked our manager,was the board right?nah they sacked him because of a punctuation mark.sorry if I spelled that wrong

    • It’s not a punctuation error or a grammatical error in my opinion, it’s just shockingly bad sentence construction.

      “Either…or; neither…nor” is the rule I learned at school (admittedly a long time ago).

      So your first correction ‘recent results have not met either our nor Gio’s expectations’ is wrong.

      ‘Recent results have not met neither our nor Gio’s expectations’; should be ‘recent results have met neither our nor Gio’s expectations’, as you said. It’s the clumsy insertion of the double negative “not” that has caused Mr Park so much difficulty.

      Whilst I agree that it would grammatically correct to say ‘recent results have met neither our nor Gio’s expectations’; perhaps it would have been even better to say: “recent results have not met our or Gio’s expectations.”

      And, while we’re on the subject, a manager “names” his team, he doesn’t “name” three changes in his team. He “makes” three changes in his team. That one does my head in every week.

      We certainly do deserve better.

  1. I totally agree. It’s not a great look when the chairman can’t compose a decent statement!
    1. The use of neither instead of either
    2. It would also read better if you add in ‘so’ after ‘and’… and so we had to….
    3. The last sentence isn’t pleasing because of the repetition of every!
    Remember to check your work over Douglas before you hand it in! 🙂

  2. You would have thought the media department would have writren a drafted statement for the walloper to read , god knows they get paid enough . Don’t they.

  3. Jesus Christ!Bearing in mind the shocking grammar of most Scottish players turned pundits,Charlie Nicholas being one of the worst offenders,not only do English people not understand him neither can we north of the border,what’s the use on picking up on something like this!?Let’s find a new manager but if he has to work with Ross Wilson, forget it,we’ve tried that business model and it doesn’t work when money men meddle in football matters ….


  4. I think there are more important things to be concerned about than some rich sod’s grammar skills.

    Rangers F.C. have their healthiest bank balance in years but the poorest team. THAT is a question I’d be addressing.

  5. Its the same as wrong spelling on a new players training top or using duct tape for an arm band lets leave that to the great unwashed get a grip of media content rangers

  6. The club’s in crisis and you’re pulling Donald Park up for using improper grammar, do you even hear yourself? The club hasn’t turned a profit in ten years and have no saleable talent, no manager, Ross Wilson should’ve gone at the same time also and the squad is nowhere near good enough. No matter what some think in the support Celtic are a good side with plenty of saleable assets and our squad is filled with guys on zimmer frames. The recruitment has been abysmal and all these manager’s can’t be at fault for that, the club’s blown tens of millions on dross or players not good enough to wear the shirt. The agm is going to be filled with more legacy issue nonsense and I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a Going Concern Worry (GCW) thrown in too. The amount of share issues that the club’s done and the money from reaching the EL final where has it all gone? Probably to some of the ridiculous lawsuits that the club’s been involved and they seldom seem to win that’s more money pissed up against a wall. With all that said you’re worried about some grammatical insignificance when the club’s a shambles from top to bottom. I pity the manager who takes the job as starting from a losing position, financially, squad wise and having no bankable asset to bring money in for a rebuild. I’m not saying the league’s over far from it but the new man is behind the eight ball from the outset.

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