Assault charges needed as Rangers’ Lowry’s career is threatened

Assault charges needed as Rangers’ Lowry’s career is threatened
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The assault on Alex Lowry last night has, thus far, avoided a charge against Dumbarton’s Ally Love, and we’re sure you’ve all by now seen the ‘tackle’ which was carried out simply to end Lowry’s career.

0-7 down, the game dead and buried, Love hurled himself legs first at Lowry’s hips at pace and scythed him to the turf, requiring Rangers’ man to be stretchered off.

At B level, the stretcher should NEVER be needed.

At senior level, with so much riding on results, accidents and red mist do happen – no justification, but they happen.

At B level?

Losing 7-0?

This was a barbaric assault which had only one purpose – to end Lowry.

And Love has previous for poor behaviour, having been banned for 5 games in the past for racist antics on the pitch.

And this is the latest in the line of rotten actions on the pitch from him, with Lowry said to be ‘in distress’ (hardly surprising).

What now for Love?

Probably nothing – he got a booking, but that was it.

He certainly could use a police charge against him for what was no more than common assault.

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  1. I’ve got to agree with you. This was a cowardly, disgusting and disgraceful tackle on one of Scotland’s brightest prospects by a complete no mark and never will be. Ally Love remember the name. And the THUG who dished out his own form of retribution for getting thrashed decides its worth a red card to cripple one of our players.
    Which brings me to the match officials. In which world, in which league, in which level of football is that ASSUALT worthy of just a yellow? What the hell is wrong with our officials? Are they blind? Is it sheer incompetence or is there a “West of Scotland” aspect to this? And what part did the linesman play in this? The coward stood 15 yards away in clear view and did NOTHING!!! When you consider what happened with Lundstram in both tackles on Saturday it’s almost laughable if it wasn’t so serious for a fine young player.
    I hope Rangers take this matter further and maybe even reconsider there participation in the B league. There will always be thugs like Love who sees himself as the “gunslinger” that’s going to sort out a Rangers player. This thug has to brought to boot with a lengthy ban.

  2. Spot on Robrob57 this is typical total bigoted anti Rangers behaviour again. We see it everywhere it stems from this deep seated hatred of the Famous for the Union Jack the Queen and total abhorrent stance against the Rangers by the SNP green leaning scottish set up ffs . The fucking bastard needs to be sin dyed he needs to charged and the so called officials need to be fucking sacked . Rangers need to sort this .

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