Rangers board take major decision on Giovanni van Bronckhorst

Rangers board take major decision on Giovanni van Bronckhorst
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - NOVEMBER 09: Giovanni van Bronckhorst, manager of Rangers during the Cinch Scottish Premiership match between Rangers FC and Heart of Midlothian at on November 09, 2022 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images)

Rangers’ board have made a decision on Giovanni van Bronckhorst and it’s not the one Rangers fans in general wanted to hear.

Having weighed up the £5M it would cost to fire him, plus factored in the mitigating circumstances of the colossal swathe of injuries engulfing the club, the board have decided, for now, to leave the Dutchman in position for the foreseeable, but the situation is ongoing and will be subject to review.

The reality is one of these reasons is extremely fair, and one of them is cynical – with the club making £5M profit in the last accounts, and having received that sum from the sale of Steven Gerrard, the notion of then ‘losing’ it to the firing of GVB sits poorly with most of the board. It is money the club doesn’t want to waste.

The other reason is the injuries. In reality, how can any reasonable Rangers fan judge van Bronckhorst on team performance the past 6 months when he’s had so few of his key players to choose from? With up to 15 top players injured in the past half year, the squad has been barebones – plus factoring in the sales of Aribo and Bassey and that certainly hasn’t helped matters.

So it’s deemed by the powers-that-be that Gio stays at Ibrox for now, in the hope this month-long break restores a bunch of the players and we return to action in late December far better equipped to deal with the SPL than Leon King and Fashion Sakala allowed us to be.

Is this reasonable?

Yes, it is. Fans wanting GVB sacked were, as we stand by our assertion, measuring this season based on what we achieved in Europe last. All the negativity we’re now seeing is because we’ve not measured up to our European run, despite having about quarter of the squad that did that.

Do we support and trust Gio on Ibrox Noise? No, we absolutely agree with a tonne of the criticisms aimed at the man, that even the negative boo boys said, because we’re willing to see both sides.

But we want to give the man a chance, armed with a gun, and not the water pistol he’s had since Seville.

We think that’s fair.

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  1. God help us, it is all l will say because, when he has had a full sqof players, he has often picked the wrong players and that has stemmed back to the scouse rhat, all l will hear now I’d…. In Geo we trust

    Well sorry, l never have and never will, he is not and never will be a Rangers man

    The east end scum will be rubbing their hands at us as that is what they wanted

    I have the fear for what the future holds for us now

  2. No way. He’s lost the players they are not trying.
    Passing in to the box to no players.. Alfredo missing open goal. Too many incidents to mention here .. players got him to the final.. he blew it

  3. Get him gone Embarrassing for the club and fans to watch us fail without so much as a whimper. The filth will continue put goals past us and we will let them. Has taken us back 4 years I’m done till he is out…..

  4. Its a disgrace he. Should be gone regardless of injuries hr picks the wrong players god help us its not the right decision he should be giving some of the young players from the B team a chance.

  5. I think the decision has been reached for a few reasons sympathy for injuries ,5 million to pay out and also the fact the names mentioned to replace him leave you thinking “is that it ? ” .
    Underwhelming .

  6. Europa League run aside, his domestic form has been absolutely dreadful. We were 6 points ahead at the turn of the year and since then we have played 32 and taken 68 points from 96. Across the city, that mob have played 32, and taken 87. 19 point swing in a year, a loss to them at Ibrox and 2 hidings at the piggery not to mention a lbsolutely throwing his players under the bus and submitting after 1 CL game. Gio is a nice guy but a pessimistic defeatist as a manager. Not one player looks interested in playing for him and keeping him could do serious damage to us in the long run.

  7. It’s the style of play that’s the issue we are not even goid at counter attacking anymore which was the teams strength in Europe! Its fair enough keeping possession of tge Valley but it’s all to safe always passing to the receiving players back foot never a change in tempi or anything

  8. We can’t go on this season with gio at the helm , and Ross Wilson has to go too, he shouldn’t have git the job, between them , we have went 10 steps backwards, and hopefully won’t be a trophy less season, but they way we play can’t see us winning anything

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