Rangers have notorious history for letting rotten Celtic off the SPL hook

Rangers have notorious history for letting rotten Celtic off the SPL hook
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - DECEMBER 29: Rangers fans show their support during the Ladbrokes Premiership match between Celtic and Rangers at Celtic Park on December 29, 2019 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images)

Once more, once again another rotten Celtic look like they’ll walk to the title because Rangers completely flubbed their lines. Victory over St Johnstone was absolutely critical to keep up the ‘pressure’ with 4 points separating both sides, but Rangers choked yet again, leaking goals and points.

Now the goals themselves were absolutely excellent finishes, but the play leading up to them was largely and deeply avoidable, and appalling errors in midfield led to further chances, with Borna Barisic mostly being Rangers’ ‘saviour’ by preventing the scoreline being worse than it was.

And this is the kicker – we can patently see how poor Celtic are – they have been on the brink of dropped points so many times this season, yet have scraped their nails over the line at the 95th minute – but instead of at least keeping that pace with them, we’ve now dropped a host of domestic points needlessly.

The Hibs mess away (some blame the ref, some blame Morelos – it was just a terrible performance), the Livi mess (thanks Tav), the Celtic mess (thanks everyone) and now this excruciating loss in the north of Scotland mean that instead of being joint with Celtic with just that Old Firm loss to our ‘debit’, we’re 7 behind having dropped a bunch of stupid points.

It’s not just Gio, there’s been a soft centre to Rangers for a long time now – ever since Steven Gerrard/Michael Beale restored ‘proper’ Rangers around 2018-2021 despite that 55 and much stronger in Europe, domestically we’ve been found wanting.

55 was sensational, and we have no answer as to why we were so good that season – was it crowds? Was it really that classic old theory that the players thrived without the pressure of fans on their backs? That’s an intangible reason that we cannot prove or disprove, but we do know that domestically up till 55 and since it, we’ve been absolutely hopeless.

And it’s not like we’ve been up against a mighty Celtic who bestride the league like a colossus – they’re pretty ordinary and were utterly useless in Europe – remember them breaking the record for number of Euro exits in a season?

But we’re let them off the hook, we’ve let them away with it by somehow being way worse, and it’s not the first time it’s happened since we became ‘us’ again. No, Celtic don’t have to do much for Rangers to fall all over the place, all they have to do is win and watch us trip up over ourselves pretty much every time.

It’s not reassuring at all.

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  1. This is all to do with the mindset at Ibrox . While Europe is an opportunity to make some money it’s wrongly targeted as the key peice of football business , we are a Europa Team . The only crtical path is our domestic football with players who can physically and mentally get that done. We no longer have these players, Fergusons Gough etc etc . Our scouting system needs to find these types similar dare I say to what the rotten mob have done with the likes of Riley . They also have added proper pace which we lack. We have threw the league at them again , yes IN you are correct they are not that good and can be beaten but the difference is they know how to get it done , we on the other hand don’t give a fuck and chuck our hand in when we give it away easily in games like today .

  2. Septic dont even need to do anything,we’r gifting it to them,same a last year
    Going backwards again RANGERS!

  3. I’m not going to come on here and sing Celtic’s praises but look at the difference between us this season putting any talk of injuries aside. They are playing a fast direct style of football and have some sense of balance in their side with physical players in the right positions. Where they have improving players we have ones going rapidly backwards. When Utd equalised against them on Saturday I knew that there was little point in celebrating the fact until FT and what happens, they go and score not one but two goals. They responded exactly the same at McDiarmid a few weeks ago. Compare our performance, huffing and puffing without ever looking convincing and as soon as we lost that goal you just knew. Without European competition they will benefit a lot more than our faltering squad and this league could be sewn up much too soon.

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