Can Ross Wilson survive another two Rangers calamities?

Can Ross Wilson survive another two Rangers calamities?
He's gone, but what is his legacy?

And yes, it’s very much time to look at Ross Wilson as well, not that we hadn’t. That’s right, Rangers’ Director of Football has been doing little but directing injuries, it seems, that and bad personnel decisions.

While it was a collision, Leon King’s injury today means, as of the time of writing, Rangers now have just 13 senior players available excluding Devine.

Ben Davies injured again, King now joins the pile.

So that’s, excluding goalies:

Tavernier, Sands, Barisic, Lundstram, Kamara, Davis, Jack, Arfield, Kent, Matondo, Wright, Tillman, Morelos.

Looking at the bench this afternoon was utterly tragic, with McCann, Devine, Yfeko and Ure making up the numbers – Gio having to dip into the Academy just to fulfil the substitute requirements. As for Lowry, we’re not even going there, we’ve no idea what’s happened between Gio and Lowry to see the playmaker axed.

Ross Wilson has become deeply unpopular with Rangers supporters the past 6 months. With GVB indirectly confirming he personally does not make the final decisions on transfers and personnel trading, it clearly falls on the Director of Football to make those calls, with the support of those around him.

And Wilson’s performance since Seville has been absolutely horrific, arguably this whole calendar year.

January saw four of the worst signings in the history of Rangers – Amad Diallo, John Souttar, Aaron Ramsey, and Mateusz Zukowski. James Sands also joined on loan. Thankfully two of them were loans and could depart in the summer, but Zukowski had to be sold. Souttar of course joined formally this summer and we know how that’s worked out.

January was just dreadful. Summer? Colak is the only incoming to have worked out, and the generous ‘pass’ goes to Tillman and Lawrence, kind of. That these are pretty thin on the ground gives some idea of Souttar, Yilmaz, Davies and Matondo’s impact on the club.

And all of this clearly falls on Wilson, with Gio increasingly seeming to appear a helpless bystander. But the worst stuff of course is the summer sales and exits. Katic, Balogun and Bassey – two of whom were massive parts of Seville, and all of whom were shown the exit by Wilson.

Now Rangers are in a mess, a real, unmitigated mess, which horribly reminds us of the banter years that got aimed at our direction for so long.

It’s a complete cluster****. And Wilson carries the can for a LOT of it.

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  1. Do we even need a D.O.F ? Just let the manager pick and send scouts out the old fasioned way. Not every modern idea is good.

  2. His next appointment as manager ,if he is still there himself of course ,is MASSIVE.It has to be the right appointment or it will be an absolute disaster for the club ,considering the shambles just now .
    IN I am surprised comments are being allowed on here with personal insults at gvb ,it’s below the belt and a disgrace to a thoroughly decent man ,who is in the wrong movie .
    There is no need for it ,and perhaps if any insults it should be aimed at those keeping him in a job to save money and those players and people who have done very little to help the man out .
    For those of you who feel it is cool to throw personal insults at the guy SHAME
    ON YOU .

  3. Stupid and easy is nothing compared to coward and weasel and the arsewipe knows who he is ,you obviously approve ,for me that is out of order for a guy who is decent and trying his best .
    Ok he is not good enough but resorting to that is below the belt IN .
    We should be above that ,that board should put him out his misery .

    • We don’t approve any more of his insults than the ones you’ve made in the past Stuart. He’s entitled to his opinion if he’s a true Rangers fan, this is a moderate platform in which we let varying views in. Approval is not endorsement and we state so in our Ts and Cs which have been there 11 years as of Friday. But as a loyal reader, you know that of course!

  4. I have never called a rangers legend a weasel or a coward ! The guy is a disgrace .
    All for opinions but that’s out of order .He has not had good results as rangers manager ,so what ,it doesn’t warrant comments like that from utter lowlifes .

  5. Do we actually have a scouting network or does Ross Wilson simply get done by the sales pitch of various agents sending in a DVD of their client, seems to me no self respecting scout would have recommended our recent signings if they had spent any period of time physically watching them.

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