The transfer of Calvin Bassey hasn’t worked out for Rangers OR Ajax

The transfer of Calvin Bassey hasn’t worked out for Rangers OR Ajax
Rangers' US midfielder Malik Tillman (L) controls the ball ahead of Ajax's Nigerian defender Calvin Bassey during the first round Group A UEFA Champions League football match between Ajax Amsterdam (NED) and Rangers (SCO) at The Johan Cruijff ArenA in Amsterdam on September 7, 2022. (Photo by Kenzo TRIBOUILLARD / AFP) (Photo by KENZO TRIBOUILLARD/AFP via Getty Images)

It has become abundantly clear that selling Calvin Bassey was a mistake which hasn’t worked out for a single party involved with it.

Sure, hindsight is 20/20, but you and I aren’t paid to make those decisions, we can only observe helplessly.

Now we hold our hands up on Ibrox Noise, we favoured the sale – £23M for a player we weren’t absolutely in love with at the time seemed to us to be outstanding business so we were happy.

Fast-forward 4 months, and his move has been a shambles. He’s been rotten for Ajax, out of his depth and widely-blasted by the media and Dutch ex-footballers for simply being awful – he clearly doesn’t fit their style and the move hasn’t worked out. Yet. Sure, it may change, but for now he’s part of a diabolical defence and he more than most is getting it thick.

Meanwhile, what did we do with the £23M for him? Not a heck of a lot, frankly. We signed Injured Davies. That’s about it. He was the one replacing Calvin Bassey, and he’s been absolutely shocking – performances alright in places but barely available since he joined. Yilmaz? He was supposed to be a replacement for the leaving Barisic, but that didn’t happen. And he sure took his time to settle, if he even has yet.

Last but not least? On the pitch. Rangers have been horrific in Bassey’s position – it’s been a VERY quick plummet – he was big, strong, suited the SPL and was at his level in the UEL. That was him content, and the final was deceptive – it made Bassey look better than he was. And it had a lot of teams interested, including Ajax. But Rangers have desperately missed him, and we’ll bet he misses us. We look very soft on his side, and while Borna always was a bit vulnerable, Bassey protected him a lot.


Deeply exposed.

But Bassey, along with Balogun and Katic were just exits which clearly haven’t worked out – these were all mistakes and now we’re paying the price.

We’re not seeing any of Ross Wilson defending those decisions, nor do any journos seem to want to ask Gio about them either.

Rangers’ defence is worse now than the Kiernan days. It really is. And that tends to be what happens when you let three big alphas go and replace them with a guy that Preston didn’t want.

No one else to blame but ourselves.

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  1. Today was every bit as bad as the St Johnstone slash. Gutless , clueless no direction from anyone at all on or off the park . It’s a shambles . Morelos is a stupid boy who will waste his talent. What is Kamara does anyone know , today showed why Wright doesn’t play , he’s sigular and pointless. It’s a mess. I’m disgusted and getting more fed up every game. The AGM will be a joke with anger and counter claim to justify this shit.

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