Rangers’ farcical defensive crisis laid bare amid board neglect

Rangers’ farcical defensive crisis laid bare amid board neglect
He told a fib or two back then.....

It has had Rangers’ fans scratching our heads in unison for the best part of 6 months…

Just why did Rangers let three defenders go without signing a single reliable replacement?

Why do Rangers still refuse to dip into the transfer market in the event of losing pretty much every defender we have?

It is absolutely staggering, and let’s paint the picture:

The chaos started when the club announced in early June that Leon Balogun was to leave. Now, in defence of this, Leon was constantly injured at Rangers and couldn’t put runs together, so we weren’t completely against this move, but we didn’t totally support it either. It put us down a strong defender who was arguably our best (as QPR now see).

The chaos worsened when Filip Helander’s much-vaunted comeback was derailed in Portugal as he got laid out till 2023, after lots of ooing and ahhing publicly from the club about how bad it was.

It then worsened as John Souttar arrived amid doubts about his form – his only two appearances for the club were absolutely horrendous v Livi and Spurs, plus add an existing injury from his Hearts days and a bereavement. His Rangers career was off to the worst start imaginable.

But then there was the revelation Niko Katic was unwanted, and Gio was done with him – no public reason given, only Niko explaining later on how shockingly he was treated when Gio came in. He was sold for £800K to Zurich.

Then there was, of course, Calvin Bassey – hype all summer and by the end of the training camp, which he of course didn’t attend, he was finally sold to Ajax for a very decent £23M. But nothing was done with that cash at all.

But then Ben Davies arrived, with little fanfare – no one was really thrilled with this one, but he cost a lot. Today we’re finally seeing him start to get some form, but he has barely played and we’re fast approaching November!

So, now we’ve lost Bassey, Balogun and Katic, brought in Sicknote Souttar, secured Davies too, and are having to resort to James Sands because no one else aside young Leon King is actually available alongside Goldson.

Then the final, bitter pill to the absolutely diabolical defensive ‘strategy’ is indeed losing Goldson, the bionic man the board reckoned was invulnerable, and which leaves no experienced right CB, and Davies on the left.

Who, on the words of all that is pure and holy, thought ANY of this was a good idea?

This isn’t down to bad luck, this is just atrocious planning and no execution at all.

To sign Souttar, to let Katic and Balogun go with no obvious plan to replace them… is it any wonder we’re exasperated and frustrated?

Nowadays we have 40+ year old McGregor the final line of defence behind Davies and whatever Gio can find to pair with him.

It is absolutely ridiculous.

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  1. I’ve been putting off comments for the whole defensive board fuck up of selling Katic and Balogun, until after today’s shambles at Motherwell. Its a total and complete failure , today again exposed this febrile Rangers set up . We look totally a mess we are carrying people like Kent Morelos etc who don’t want to play for Rangers anymore. Tav and Barasic are in the team no matter how they perform just like Goldson . We will be embarrassed to lose the league once again to a poor opposition. The Board Wilson and the GVB have to get gutted top to bottom its a fucking shambles. No matter what bullshit bent story the board peddle it won’t cut it and it could set us back to near 3rd Division times . If anybody disagrees then please take off your blue lenses folks and smell the shite .

  2. I’ve been pretty consistent on this ….heads MUST roll ….total and utter MISMANAGEMENT and SHAMBLES 😳🤔

  3. The whole team from back to front. Yes we have colak who is scoring but gio plays him then morelos, who is far to good to be sitting on the bench, so we have 1 happy striker. Wings, everyone off them below par! Tillman hass done good played behind the striker but drifts in an out. Cm, apart from lunny who can we rely on? Defence is threadbare, if barisic & tav were to get injured, i suppose Ridvan & devine can come on a do a job, but devine is just a kid & im not sure we could trust Ridvan, he looks weak. I’ve been crying about the singing policy of the club for about a month now, that’s the problem its clear to see.

    • Its an absolute disgrace and needs sorted right now its unaceptable on all levels but the board at the top is fucking diabolical and heads defo will roll sort it out now no more escuses.

  4. Much as it hurts you have got to understand. Rangers had to address the financial position. They have done brilliantly. They have been incredibly unlucky with injuries. Also highly paid players will NOT come to Scotland to be rotated to games in Dingwall etc. Look at Liverpool. ARSENAL / Rangesr/ Man City in 8 days. Rotation great. Liverpool brought on as subs 3 players who cost more than all the players put together.. if Goldson and JCk hadn’t been injured Wednesday might have been different. Get behind club. It’s very tough for them oh and let us know who you would have as manager and which players you could sign.

  5. I’ve been lamenting this very problem the day and hour we actually signed soutter with saying this fella is a accident waiting to happen Connor is carrying the load all on his own bronkhurst must be sat behind tinted eye lenses if he can’t or hasn’t seen this coming now Connor has been laid to the injured list where do we go now back backwards omg it like a time warp has traveled rangers back ten years and more were we tried to get back to the top with boys playing men now is time for change and fast or we maybe just end the season trophylesss and below 6th place in the premiership action is required now right now or my future is coming true for my beloved rangers I’ve supported for all my life and I’ve seen bad times and good but this is the most worse lot I’ve ever witnessed in my whole life

  6. We need a Rangers minded Board with your Kings and Johnson’s etc to sort out this managerial disaster and put us back on an even keel, we are not asking for world beaters, just a squad of players good enough to win the Scottish Premiership and retain our pride in our team that was once Glasgow Rangers…….please the fans deserve it.

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