Are the Rangers board overruling Giovanni van Bronckhorst?

Are the Rangers board overruling Giovanni van Bronckhorst?
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - SEPTEMBER 17: Giovanni van Bronckhorst, manager of Rangers applauds his team from the sideline during the Cinch Scottish Premiership match between Rangers FC and Dundee United at on September 17, 2022 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images)

So, how did Rangers and Giovanni van Bronckhorst respond to the Liverpool humiliation?

Was it a strong defiance of that terrible result, or was it a weak and feeble answer to the critics?

Sadly, it was far more the latter than the former, and question now have to be asked, if they didn’t before, about where this squad is going.

See, we’re reluctant to pin the blame all on Gio – there’s no question he is part of it, and just like Steven Gerrard he absolutely refuses on pain of death to drop his favourites.

But this is just it – all the players he refuses to drop are the same ones Gerrard stuck by – no matter how they played he stuck with them, because he’d signed them.

Gio, on the other hand, sticks by the previous manager’s players, and barely plays his own supposed signings?

The main crew that need to make way are:

McGregor, Tavernier, Barisic, Davis, Kamara and Kent.

These six add absolutely nothing to the team, and every single one bar Tavernier is a Gerrard signing. Tavernier seems immune like Goldson is, no matter how badly he plays he will never be dropped.

Which is why we don’t think it’s actually entirely in Gio’s hands at all – are the board ‘picking’ the players? Are these clauses in place from years ago and Gio’s hands are tied?

Would an intelligent man like GVB, and he is VERY intelligent, stick by clearly non-performing players if he wasn’t ‘told’ to?

The only exceptions above are McGregor and Kamara – Gio dropped McGregor, and he was right to do that, but he was utterly wrong to replace him with McLaughlin. And Kamara is injured, and hasn’t been a starter this season – because clearly someone is unhappy at how vocal he’s been about leaving.

Are we right? Is this the board or contracts overruling Gio for most of this, and telling him who to pick and who not to?

We’re trying to give the boss some credit here, we cannot fathom most of what he is doing any more and it’s nonsensical.

Unless he’s trying deliberately to be fired?

Of course that’s ridiculous, isn’t it? We’ve heard lots of rumours that his exit is imminent, with stories about a job in the Dutch FA being his target, and being fired is his way out with a severance package to get the job he wants long term.

It seems to us, honestly, like Gio doesn’t like being a football manager any more – the pressure at Feyenoord when the wheels fell off seems to be repeating at Ibrox and he’s not the kind of guy we think to thrive when the chips are down.

He just doesn’t seem to be enjoying being Rangers manager, and he looks like he wants out.

Because this Rangers and this manager is just going nowhere right now.

But let’s face it, a lot of this is on the board, particularly Ross Wilson – these people cannot run Rangers with any conviction, and Wilson is clearly out of his depth.

Maybe Rangers really just need a big clear out.

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  1. I thoroughly believe the board have a back up plan and Gio will be gone within days or hope that he is gone in a matter of days

    If the board fire him there will be big compensation packet for him, reason l believe that’s why he hasn’t walked already

  2. I’m saying this out loud now, been thinking about it for a while. I think we need to change the management team and bring in Sean Dyche. I said sometime ago I would change the captain to Lundstram because Tav doesn’t lead and yous recently run a poll on it. Start from there, allow Dyche to run the team pick transfer targets and have done with this DoF nonsense.

  3. I believe this board like yes men…get ready for a happy to be there guy in the form of del McInnes 🙄.I want dyche if gio is indeed for the off …but there is no way he would work with Wilson or any DOF , he wanted his own backroom team when approached the last time apparently and a healthy cheque book .I don’t think this board want a confrontational guy with FULL power over whole squad and signings .

  4. Signing an out of contract player is utter nonsense. They are not going to be match fit if they haven’t got a club and it will take weeks to get them fit. Also if they are without a club how good are they. We have been dealt a bad hand injury wise especially in defence but this is the chance for King to flourish. On Wednesday start McCrorie Yilmaz Devine and McCann. Getting rid of Gio makes no sense at the moment and as for getting someone like Dyche if he is that good why has not been snapped up by any club in England who have got rid of managers and there have been plenty of them. The problem is at board level and they are the ones hiding behind Gio and are happy for him to take the flak.

  5. Maybe Wilson has his hands tied aswell by the board. They want maximum profit. Nearly every player is one they hope to turn a profit on an not many are working out. They’re gambling with on pitch success for off pitch profits. I know what id rather have. Think they’re far to interested in what septic are doing. Get proper ballers in & not players bought because they can run fast lol
    And on tav i said a while back that as long as hes getting goals & assists then who do yee replace that even of he is defensively inept, but the goals & assists seem to have dried up.

  6. We clearly are not going to get managers that are wanted in the premiership ,however dyche done a great job at burnley imo ,left because he got pissed off with lack of funds and backing .We are not gonna get a top coach lets face it ,however back to basics with a solid hardworking team and organization would do .
    We are going nowhere ,only backwards rapidly ,with a squad rated over 100 milion 6 months ago now next to worthless ,SHAMEFUL .

  7. I think wilson is not only signing the players but picking the team too. Why the hell is nobody asking Gio in press confrences why he isn’t picking Yilmaz? Then either has to say either he doesn’t think he’s any better than backwardsic or whatever other bizarre reason is and then it gives them an opportunity to then ask the follow up question of why did you sign him then? Then he either has to expose that he didn’t or else expose himself as a fool for wasting 5million.
    It’s an excellent point that perhaps Tavernier has some kind of clause in his contrsct thst he has to play so many games a season becsuse no SANE manager would still be picking him or Kent.
    Unbelievable that Warbarton & Caxhina singings are still the main men in our team Tav, Morelos & Jack that just shows how AWFUL the recruitment has been since then. Wilson has to hang his head in shame and GO!

  8. Let’s face it to all the rangers fans out there you can see and I can see it the board need to go and when the board go get rid of most of the muppets in the team and let’s face it at this moment and time the league is finished let’s face it Celtic are running away with it pure and simple need rebuilding at ibrox.

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