Rangers fans plan ‘silent’ protest when Aberdeen come to Ibrox

Rangers fans plan ‘silent’ protest when Aberdeen come to Ibrox
Rangers fans await kick off ahead of the UEFA Europa League Semi-final, second leg football match between Rangers and RB Leipzig at the Ibrox Stadium, in Glasgow, on May 5, 2022. (Photo by Oli SCARFF / AFP) (Photo by OLI SCARFF/AFP via Getty Images)

Rangers fans plan a silent protest this Saturday, with momentum gathering for a total silence at Ibrox, with no banners, no cheering, no booing, no clapping, after a plan online began following the latest loss for Giovanni van Bronckhorst’s men.

Whether it’s aimed at the board, the players or the manager, fans are clearly extremely unhappy with what is coming out from Rangers these days, and while domestic results are not horrible, the painful draw with Livingston coupled with yet another UCL drubbing by Napoli means Rangers have just two wins out of the last five, and one of those was v Championship Dundee while the other was a real struggle at Fir Park.

Indeed, there’s no denying things could be a little better – morale is on the floor, performances are generally way below par, and manager Gio van Bronckhorst doesn’t seem to have any idea how to fix it.

Ergo a silent protest is being planned, with a group of fans currently weighing up the appetite for such a move – Ibrox Noise isn’t a massive proponent and supporter of boycotts, protests and the like, but clearly something has to change at Ibrox for the mood to upturn, performances to improve and fortunes to generally do likewise.

There has been talk of Giovanni losing his job if there’s not a decent win v Jim Goodwin’s men, which is certainly one step that could be taken, but the board and players are just as culpable as anyone else for the downgrade we’re seeing.

So it appears the protest is planned this Saturday when the Dons appear at Ibrox – in truth, we’re not sure that’s the best fixture to plan a protest for, home fans will not be able to resist making noise against such an enemy of the club.

But hey, maybe we’re wrong.

Nevertheless, supporters want to see change, better performances and results primarily, and clearly they’re fed up with the board, plus Gio as well it seems. After just two successes in the last five, clearly form is not improving any time soon.

Time for a change all round?

Where would we begin?

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  1. Not sure I am a fan of this at all tbh , It sounds very much like something that other mob done recently …copying them ,deary me .
    Although I am most certainly NOT a fan of the current board or chairman anymore ,I would ask any fan unhappy with the head coach and players ,If you were making the decisions would you sack gvb right now ? who do you think would come in right now ,with no power to buy players and dealing with the same non triers and wage thiefs currently there .
    Most probably they have made up their mind he is out and have sounded out his replacement with him being appointed after world cup and a budget for players to work around …well I would really hope this is the case anyway.
    As for park ,I think his days are numbered at club ,I will be surprised if he is there at the start of new season ,he and the fans are both fed up .
    A silent protest is just silly and only helps the sheep on saturday tbh .

  2. I’d be more inclined to go the other way. Make as much noise as possible directed at the board and hold up protest banners that they can’t fail to notice. We can still have an atmosphere. I don’t feel like Gio will take us any further under this board or any other and I’m sure many people will want to address their feelings about that.

    You can blame the board for most of this season’s fiascos but Gio is showing loyalty to massively underperforming players consistently and sadly that is the only thing that has been consistent. I’ll be disappointed if we give them the silent treatment in Saturday.

  3. the team appear in my opinion to have gone exactly the same quiet unconfident way they did before the truth came out about Gerrard leaving when he had kept saying how happy he was at Rangers but the board knew he was going and some of the players had heard gossip all was not as it should be.

  4. When the club is skint and they can’t afford to buy any other players But you demand to sack the manager and his coaches Gio +4
    Before you even think about the next manager who’s going to pay to get rid of what you’ve got

  5. Now is the time to stand together, when the team take to the pitch get behind every player and cheer them on . All of Scotland expecting a silent or booking Ibrox . The players would get a lift with 50k fans roaring them on .

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