“Will haunt him forever – 1” – Rangers players rated v Napoli

“Will haunt him forever – 1” – Rangers players rated v Napoli
during the UEFA Champions League Group A second leg football match between SSC Napoli and Rangers FC at the Diego Armando Maradona Stadium in Naples on October 26, 2022. (Photo by Andreas SOLARO / AFP) (Photo by ANDREAS SOLARO/AFP via Getty Images)

So the most unneeded ratings in the history of unneeded ratings but we’ll go for it anyway, as Rangers fell to Napoli in maybe not the worst slaughter of our team we’d all feared.


He pulled off a couple of half decent saves but was a spectator for every goal – it showed how past it he is. He doesn’t have the reaction time any more to make those saves, the ones he used to, so just watches helplessly as balls fly past him. He’s well well past it, and we’ll keep leaking goals with him in between them. 4


One of Ibrox Noise’s very own, who reacted in horror with our recent suggestion that this man should be stripped of the captaincy, tonight changed his mind. Tavernier may well be playing with an injury, but it’s clearly costing him and the team. He’s just nowhere any more and he’s so painfully out of his depth in the UCL it’s embarrassing for him and us. Weirdly he did manage quite a few crosses but generally had no positive impact in the match. 2


Out of his depth as well, was miles away from the play, managing just a single clearance and interception despite the amount of pressure Napoli had. He looked scared and knew this was too much for him, which we don’t blame him for. This was watching a boy who isn’t ready – and you really wondered why we talked about bad luck on losing Goldson v Liverpool. 2


He wasn’t too bad v Liverpool, but struggled a lot tonight, especially with positioning – not helped, we suggest, by the careless early booking. He did make a fair few clearances but generally he was just average and frequently left Yilmaz exposed on the left. 4


He’s ready – he was our best player tonight – filled with running, and managed a lot of defensive work, but was made to work harder than he should have thanks to Davies, who gave him little protection. Got in a few crosses and showing he’s developing well. It’s definitely his time now. 6


As we said from his previous midfield days, Sands is absolutely silent in the midfield slot. Tidy passing, a few decent interceptions, but he absolutely does not stand out. You’d not notice he was there, and yet he’s doing decent unnoticed work. 5


Can’t help feeling he got the yellow on purpose, he’s looking tired now – he’s put a tonne in for 12 months now, ever since Gio got the job then Lunny got his place fully in January, the lad needs a time out. But he can’t have one because there’s no one else. His passing was the best of the starters. 4


As ineffectual as always, Kent did manage to complete some dribbles but lost the ball repeatedly and offered little threat. 4


We called for him over Kent (in general), but his absolutely anonymous show tonight proves, as it did in Holland, that this boy is shockingly below the standard needed for this level. 3


He just doesn’t work hard enough, and tonight was well short on that front again. Did have some moments of reasonable quality but generally inconsistent and looked a bit lost at times. 4


Oh boy. ‘That’ miss will forever haunt him like the Old Firm one will – Morelos has a complete lack of clinical finishing in him, and even looks like he’s lost the will to work hard as well. Signs were already bad when through on goal he let the man get to the ball rather than having the muscle himself, and then ‘that’ miss later on. He’s miles off UCL level, he’s clearly unfit, and we don’t know why he’s still at Ibrox, in all honesty. 1



Had a big chance to score but headed just wide. No impact otherwise. 4


As many say, he had the desire to run and work, but hey, so would I and I wouldn’t be good enough either. He’s very short of quality. 3


Always adds a touch of class – just kept the ball ticking over and was 100% accurate with all passes. 5


Zero done as a defender, also reliable with his passing, but by then the game was gone and Napoli weren’t really going for it any more. 4


Gio actually, we felt, picked quite a lot of a good side, but then let himself down, again. The spine was good, we liked Lunny and Sands in there, and the 4-2-3-1, but Morelos, Kent and Wright were bad selections and Tillman wasn’t a lot better. We can just be glad it wasn’t Davis beside Lunny. He will honestly just be happy we didn’t get slaughtered and played, overall, not horrible. 5

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  1. Can’t argue with much of that. I’d give McGregor a point each for the 2 good saves he made but he never tried to stop any of the goals. Even last season’s McGregor might have saved a couple of these.

    Tavernier was terrible again and it worries me that we have resigned a player long term who has downed tools and doesn’t even attract any interest in the transfer market.

    I’d give some credit to Arfield too like you said but we can’t contemplate keeping him beyond this contract, same for Jack and Davis. Lundstram looks either done or not interested in playing for the manager or his team mates.

    When you look at this squad and think about who you would keep beyond this season who would you keep? I’d love to see your own post about that honestly.

    Personally I’d keep McCrorie, Devine, Lawrence, Yilmaz, Lowry, Colak, King, McCann, maybe Zukowski, Goldson, Hagi and push on some of our younger players. See how our players out on loan are doing in some friendlies maybe? Make a few solid signings and see where we go but under who? Maybe a new coach can get more out of Matondo and Sakala?

    This feels like a major back to the drawing board moment and not just because of the Champions League failures as we were always wrong to assume we might do ok as a recent European finalist/great results against USG and PSV too.

    The only problem now is if our board aren’t willing to invest another rebuild we are depending on academy players, Bosmans, etc and that will never have us competing with UCL sides To get ahead domestically alone we surely need to fork out £20-30m to get some depth and quality.

    One thing I’ll say is that to me it seems like these players left every bit of desire they had back in Seville and perhaps the managers decision to take off Sakala and bring on Ramsey for the pens tainted their respect for him at the same time.

    Sack the board, rip it up and start again.

  2. I’m a RANGERS fan,through and through,but I’ve got say,we’ve got a team of Tinkerbells, there’s just no blood and thunder. Maybe there all a bit worn out and tired after last season,I just don’t know,but I’m sure the old RANGERS teams over the years,would still give there best,no matter what,and wouldn’t buckle under.

  3. Watching Morelos last night it was clear that he doesn´t lack sharpness or fitness. He is just not good enough and I wish him good luck in finding a team at a higher level than Rangers.

  4. I have been a rangers supporter for over 50 years and I’m appalled that the current manager is still in a job other managers at Ibrox have been sacked for doing better than he is so for the clubs sake and the paying fan’s get rid of him before it’s to late

  5. Rather high ratings for a team that failed in every area, leave the young learners alone and give the experienced players the grief, the match was against a top quality team that took it easy once it was 2-0, the youngsters did their best but the experienced players did not merit a 1 on the ratings.

  6. I think this site is a disgrace and the way you talk about our players and manager is outrageous although you were doing the same with Gerrard and the players after the Scottish cup defeat at Tynecastle 2 and a half years ago so it’s hardly a surprise.

      • Agree with all you said but how likely is it that ANY type of improvement can be found when Gio has to work with donkeys and doesn’t appear to have the tactical nous to alter what seems to be a rigid system during the progress of matches. Not only that but how is he expected to succeed when the Rangers board refuse to support the team financially as this season so amply indicates?

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