Rangers board under pressure amid rumours of major split

Rangers board under pressure amid rumours of major split
He's one of many who has to change.

This is up there with ‘wee Rab down the pub’, borderline, but we are hearing whispers now that there is a significant boardroom split, and that the majority want the Park family gone from Rangers.

There’s no question Douglas Park has been a farce of a chairman since March 21, the month we won the league – we had huge respect for him up till then, but he’s let himself and his club down with the way he’s run things since then, not least the cinch fiasco which, naturally, when things were better at Ibrox, fans defended resolutely. Not us, true, but the wider fanbase.

But things are different now, and regardless of boardroom splits, this board has run its course.

How can it be that we have no money having just earned £130M since November 2021? How can Gio be in a position to say no new signings even on Bosman when he is literally depleted for defenders?

It’s clear this Rangers board has outlasted its usefulness and every regime has a sell by date.

Do we hate them like the idiotic internet memes which have a line through Stewart Robertson’s face?

No, let’s not even remotely entertain such immaturity – but it’s clear that the Parks, Robertson and possibly Bennett and maybe even James Bisgrove (the deals have completely dried up now) have reached a point where they can consider their positions.

Look, we’re not resentful – they’ve made errors and a lot of fans don’t agree with much of what they do now, but when do fans ever like the board of their football club?

End of the day, there are problems at boardroom level and like the great William Struth said, “I have been lucky — lucky in those who were around me from the boardroom to the dressing-room”, meaning who’s there really matters.

Rangers definitely need a change of direction.

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  1. There is definitely something going on and it’s not good news. The accounts will be out soon so we will see where it all is numberscwise. Obviously we all know how the transfer game payment wise works but surely the deals should have some for of collateral ffs. Yes Mr Park needs to step aside , taking his not so smart son with him . We need fresh ideas on the forward movement of the board . I would propose a member of Club 1872 if they could agree ! . Sourness would be a great addition .

  2. Sad to say ,.this board have pockled our coffers..vultures with no loyalty to our club have proffered from last seasons business, last season with all the fans hard earned cash..at least Dick Turpin wore a mask when he held you up at gunpoint..and here was me thinking that after “Whyte and Greene and Ashleigh “there would have been no more Highwaymen…how wrong I am.

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