Profiling Rangers’ Ross Wilson – what EXACTLY is he up to?

Profiling Rangers’ Ross Wilson – what EXACTLY is he up to?
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - AUGUST 09: Rangers director of football Ross Wilson is seen in the stands during the Ladbrokes Scottish Premiership match between Rangers FC and St. Mirren at Ibrox Stadium on August 09, 2020 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Willie Vass/Pool via Getty Images)

It’s starting to look like Ross Wilson 100% decides every signing and budget, and he is the end game as far as players coming and going goes.

Rangers fans are extremely frustrated with how the club is being run, and while we gave some reassuring optimism earlier regarding domestic results (which, in truth, aren’t bad at all) there remains a theme of annoyance over the transfer policy, and who goes and who stays.

The big clue that Giovanni van Bronckhorst has absolutely no say in either incomings or outgoings is the simple fact he wasn’t even close to signing any Dutch players that we hadn’t already been touted for.

The three big ones were Rieched ly Bazoer, Danilho Doekhi and Joey Veerman – all of whom Steven Gerrard had already been linked with, and the club remained monitoring after Gerrard moved on.

Which indicates strongly that Ross Wilson is/was the one making those calls, him and his scouting team, not Gerrard or now, Gio.

But that none of them came and that no other Dutch-based players were linked, despite us having an expert (or two) in Dutch football is a massive sign that our manager doesn’t get much say over who comes in.

Or are we saying Gio’s first choices were Aaron Ramsey and Amad Diallo?

This is not us slating Wilson, for once – we’re just saying how it looks, and how it appears to be that personnel coming in and out are on him to sort out, and Gio has no part to play in that.

Is that wrong? It’s only wrong if it doesn’t work out – some of these additions have been big successes – Lundstram, Colak… but many more haven’t, and whoever is responsible for that must take it on the chin.

Ross Wilson’s remit is to dictate the sporting side of the club – he IS the end boss of all of that under Rangers’ ‘football side’ – after all, he’s a director of the Rangers football club Ltd Plc NOT the International Football Club side of the company.

And the Ltd side IS the football side.

But big mistakes he’s clearly ok’d are the release of Balogun and the sale of Katic – that falls on him too.

GVB? He’s the head coach, really, in all but name, from what we can tell.

Too many off-pitch decisions a smart man like him just wouldn’t make. Which is not to say Wilson is stupid, he is far from it, but he isn’t a manager or a coach, he’s a suit who runs the football side of the company.

His job is to make it successful and financially prudent so that the business side of it will be happy.

But he’s clearly made errors, errors in judgement, and they’re putting Gio in a difficult position.

We definitely do not dislike Wilson, he was successful at Southampton and presided over a good spell there, but he is struggling at present at Ibrox.

And it’s making Gio look foolish too.

Budget constraints? Probably. But then, we’re not directors so what would we know.

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  1. Budget constraints is how I view it personally but not constraints based on our income. I know there were other bills to pay but surely nobody can tell us that the Euro run last season, player sales and now the UCL money used up all that money? Sure they wouldn’t want to spend it all in one go when after all we reached the Europa final but we had a very mixed transfer window and who sanctioned the release of almost £10m for Davies and Yilmaz? We spent nothing after disposing of PSV so did Gio decide we are strong enough to challenge on all fronts? I’d hardly think so. I’d hazard a guess that we have a number of directors who believe stopping 10IAR was all that mattered and now they have achieved their goal they’d prefer to protect their unexpected windfall for all that has happened between then and now. Ross Wilson to me seems like the perfect pawn between them and the manager. A yes man who will be getting handsome rewards for making the fatcats that bit richer and at the expense of us. Our transfer dealings in January will possibly further prove that assumption. Wilson is not a true Rangers man like Walter, Archie or Grahame and I personally don’t trust him.

    • Spot Gary , the current board members especially Mr Park , George Taylor saved us along of course with the main man Mr King . However they will all have been paid back almost all they put in apart from the shares. We need to have a change of regime , quite a few need to go. Wilson might also need to in that change as he seems be getting use as the buffer.

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