“Two points is nothing” as Rangers keep up with Celtic

“Two points is nothing” as Rangers keep up with Celtic
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - DECEMBER 29: Rangers fans show their support during the Ladbrokes Premiership match between Celtic and Rangers at Celtic Park on December 29, 2019 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images)

You know the funny thing with Rangers’ current crisis?

We only sit two points behind supposedly superior Celtic.

It’s been easily forgotten in among the chaos in the Champions League and our diabolical injury crisis that domestically, while performances have been patchy, Hibs and Celtic aside we’ve managed to win every match this season.

That’s right, every domestic match for Rangers has been a victory this season, with only that step up to the UCL proving a step too far at the moment and making a fairly decent campaign suddenly look an infinite amount worse.

Even then, the Hibs draw was only one due to two red cards and a late late equaliser. Yes we were not great in that match, but it was circumstantially made harder by losing two players.

The only domestic Rangers match in which we’ve just not been at it and rightly lost was of course Celtic, and that match is the main reason we’re two behind.

Our eastern rivals? They’ve dropped three points themselves, to St Mirren, showing they’re quite capable of slipping up too, as they nearly then did at St Johnstone too.

Our point?

As awful as Rangers have been in the UCL, we didn’t expect anything more, and domestically we’ve actually been acceptable.

It’s not like it’s a 5-point gap and growing, but it is a delicate junction – if Rangers just keep winning in the league, that’s all we can ask. Ignore board this injuries that – if we can just keep on winning in the SPL, where it counts, then it really doesn’t matter how badly it’s going in Europe.

What we’re getting at is 56 was top priority this season, for all of you and for us on Ibrox Noise – and on that front things are actually ok.

Two points is nothing.

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  1. 2 points covers up the real issues ,3 nil and 4 nil to them in a year, absolute horsings in europe and scraping by against utter mince in the spl while that other mob run riot most weeks
    and a draw v dreadful hibs ,who they also just spanked .
    There is no way this current rangers team will be anywhere near the spl title ,lets not kid ourselves here .
    We are rotten .

  2. I look at the SPL title run like last year’s Europa run. We didn’t always look good but we found a way through and that is what matters. As long as we win, ugly or not we are in this to the end. The east Enders will falter again

  3. Let’s please take the Blue Lenses off again please. We are in a mess . The Transfer /Board farce has left us wide open . The rotten mob are slaughtering teams we struggle to stumble over the line at 90 minutes . GVB seems to be looking for the exit door , as you mentioned he’s seemingly lined up for a role with the Dutch FA . He still keeps picking people who have stopped playing for us ffs. I have no confidence in any of what we do at the moment . I agree the rotten mob are overated , but they have squad depth unlike us . Sorry

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