Gio makes surprise Rangers Champions League admission

Gio makes surprise Rangers Champions League admission
Rangers' Dutch coach Giovanni van Bronckhorst speaks during a press conference on the eve of the UEFA Champions League group A football match between Scotland's Rangers and Italy's Napoli at the Ibrox Stadium in Glasgow on September 13, 2022. (Photo by Andy Buchanan / AFP) (Photo by ANDY BUCHANAN/AFP via Getty Images)

Giovanni van Bronckhorst has confirmed Rangers do not see themselves as cannon fodder in the Champions League and have every intention of progressing either in this competition or the Europa League.

The surprising admission comes after 9 shipped goals and none scored amid three losses, and the Rangers manager suggests things are about to change.

He said:

“We have to have a different approach in this game especially if we want to continue our run in Europe.”

Now while Gio didn’t expressly say ‘this competition’ he did more than hint that he sees third place (or better) as more than reachable, but that he will need to change things to achieve that.

And he certainly will.

We found the next quote amusing:

“Can we afford to be more high risk? You have to be brave. In the second half we had moments where we were and we had one against one when we pressed high against Liverpool. When we won the ball we could have been more dangerous in the last ten or 15 minutes. We have to try to be dangerous and create chances earlier in this game.”

Yes, you have to be brave, and we hope our manager has learned from his own cowardice in the first three matches, particular both away fixtures. Because, of course, the team plays to his instructions and clearly they were park the bus both in Holland and Liverpool. Napoli was better, no denying it.

So we really should be seeing much better this midweek.

Gio’s promised it after all.

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  1. Sorry, after Gio came last season, I’ve lost total faith and confidence in him,it does not matter what he does now, l still pray that he walks away

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