Director exit could see Rangers board clean its act up

Director exit could see Rangers board clean its act up
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The exit of David Graham as PR chief has set a fair few tongues wagging, and very few of them have much positive to say about this pretty diabolical appointment.

It was yet another poor call by the Rangers board, bringing this guy in as communications chief, and his exit, despite the official reasons given, may well be the first step in cleaning Rangers’ board out.

Is there any coincidence the Ibrox club went on a communications offensive with Stewart Robertson, James Bisgrove and John Bennett only a week or so before Graham’s departure?

He was the club’s boss of PR, the face of how Rangers, as a whole, interacted with the wider world, the public, and most importantly, the fans.

And that side of the club was absolutely catastrophic the past couple of years.

We don’t know why the board thought he was either a good appointment, or an appropriate one, but his history within the OO and his politics background were not a good grounding for a Rangers board member.

We’re not expecting squeaky clean here, no one’s perfect, but this guy was far from that.

And Rangers’ PR image took an absolute battering during his time in the job, and we would like to think his departure is the first stage of things cleaning up about how the club is run.

The past month has seen more positive steps – better comms, speaking to fans, and now, Graham’s exit.

We want more but it’s definitely in the right direction.

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