An eight-step plan to completely fixing Rangers

An eight-step plan to completely fixing Rangers
The chairman isn't sitting happily on these numbers....

We’ve criticised the club’s running a lot in recent times, amid some accusations at us from the unenlightened that we’re not real Rangers fans.

We can handle that, and frankly we’re not interested in what our detractors might think, only what is best for Rangers, and with that in mind if we’re not going to offer solutions, why criticise?

We’re not professional board members, we’re not CEOs, we’re not more than any other fan site – we’re just fans eager to see the club thrive.

So with that said, here’s our constructive suggestions about how things can improve at the club to the fans’ satisfaction and feel like we’re going in the right direction.

1: Douglas Park steps down. We think it’s time for a new chairman who actually wants to be in the position – John Bennett may well be the man for now, but Park, as an Ibrox Noise regular suggested recently, is likely to be reluctant as a chairman. His priority is his car dealership, he’s run his course as club steward – we’d like to see him return to being a director (non-executive) and someone with Rangers as priority in the position.

2: Call an EGM – let fans have their say on any potential board positions – if fans endorse the current board, we’ll happily kowtow to that. But we suspect a few on the seats won’t survive any vote.

3: Far superior communication, and not through controlled channels like fan sites and pro-Rangers publications. By using pro-Rangers media, it’s coming across as biased and insincere. Accept going to a neutral one, or even an anti-Rangers one – demonstrate you can be held to account with hard questions from someone who doesn’t like you, rather than yes men who are ultimately your fodder and will ask what you want them to.

4: A tonne more investment in the first team – that Gio got more than Steven Gerrard doesn’t matter, the summer window was a shambles and while cash was spent, not enough, and Rangers’ squad is weaker now than it was before the window opened. We have money now, use it!

5: Less contracts to the aging players, and stop targeting kids – start signing quality players with a bit of cash and reputation to them. Colak was a good example of this – and he’s worked out well so far.

6: Stop the stubbornness Gio – it led to Stevie’s undoing, and repeatedly picking the likes of Goldson and even Sands when there are better options (King, and why else did we sign Davies) is folly. Not to mention McLaughlin.

7: A new managing director – Stewart Robertson has been an absolute joke in the position, truly terrible. There’s little more we can say here. And maybe rename it back to CEO which is what it actually is.

8: Lastly, dump the Sporting Director notion – it really hasn’t worked, and was a King error. While it’s not been a total flop, Mark Allen and Ross Wilson haven’t been terribly popular, and we feel the old days of a Patriach Walter type manager who controlled it all was a lot more trustworthy.

These are just 8 ideas we have. You might think they’re terrible, you might love them.

But it’s better than nothing.

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  1. 1. Mr Park love him as we will always for saving us from the thieving scum that threatened to destroy our great club .But time for him to step aside
    2. No not required the AGM will do.
    3. Yes 100% we have become insular and secretive. We need a good open and real communication process.
    4. Yes 100% . Also the real truth of the last Transfer window needs to be told truthfully..Did GVB sanction those purchases.
    5. Yes .
    6. Yes totally , it’ll be his downfall. It’s a Dutch thing .
    7. Yes to his end , he’s incompetent . I agree too the CEO is a more robust and engaged role in the whole running of the club , money etc.
    8. I haven’t seen many places where this role has ever worked . The manger and coaches and scouts find the players the board finds the cash .
    Good way of looking at our current status and some good points but the control of Rangers is not within the ordinary fan at this moment, it would be for sure if the Season Tickets/CL tickets weren’t purchased but the share holders and the board will decide at present.

  2. People forget Rangers came within a cigarette paper of disappearing forever, knowing Douglas Park make no mistake under his stewardship Rangers will be successful Douglas has and always will love Rangers.
    Rome was not built in a day give him and his board together with Gio time together they will build a giant.

  3. If you appoint a manager ,he must have an input on players purchases.
    Anything else is a receipy for failure
    In GIO we must believe

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