“Calls for his head – 0” Rangers players rated after Liverpool humiliation

“Calls for his head – 0” Rangers players rated after Liverpool humiliation
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - OCTOBER 12: Giovanni van Bronckhorst, Manager of Rangers looks on prior to the UEFA Champions League group A match between Rangers FC and Liverpool FC at Ibrox Stadium on October 12, 2022 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Rangers were tonight disgraced in the Champions League, after a bright first 45 saw a second half collapse and the side predictably exited the tournament in a shocker of a 1-7 reverse.

Ibrox Noise gives you our ratings on a night which teased a lot but ended up our worst-ever night in the UCL:


After his heroics last week he was actually poor tonight. Got a lot of kicking done (seemed to get the ball more than most the outfield players) but could have done so much better for the, first second and third goals. This was a big chance to shine but he looked his age. 4


We said last week he’s deeply out of his depth at this level, well, he shone like a beacon at Anfield compared with this farce. Utterly at sea, at fault desperately for the first goal, exposed numerous times and offered absolutely nothing to compensate. Tavernier has been a shambles in the UCL and is no more than a UEL player. Didn’t lead at all and had to be bailed out by Goldson more than once. 0


What difference could his exit have made – he was excellent with timely blocks and some superb range of passing. Losing him was massive. He may be out for a long time now. 8


Absolutely superb in the first half, but like the rest struggled to swim in the second. We saw signs though of a defender getting to grips with our shirt. Was lost without Goldson after the turnaround. 6


Backpass Barisic was absolutely, monumentally terrible. He was the epitome of cowardly, and kept blaming Kent for not making runs, so turned back and just gave it to Davies or McGregor. In his defence, he actually made 5 of 6 long balls, but he was just too weak to do it more often. 2


Strong first half, a lot of physicality and worked hard, but his passing was hit and miss. Defensively got a lot of interceptions in (highest of the side) but faded like the rest after the break. 4


He was absolutely shocking – if not for the assist for Arfield he’d have had one of the worst nights of his Rangers career. Weak, shaky, and repeatedly loose with possession – one to forget. 2


He was garbage. Looked initially a little bright but his night died once Arfield scored. He hardly touched the ball, just 22 touches, and once again failed to convince anyone he wants to stay. 1


Shone tonight. The clear MOTM, despite the score, and he honoured the shirt like few others. He can hold his head high. One of the few who belongs at this level. 8


His Forest Gumpery was back and he was making blind runs and being pushed off the ball. The bright display v St Mirren was a distant memory and he wasted everything he did. 0


Got little service, but what he did get he was utterly terrible in. A pathetic 50% passing level, and wasted the two major moments he got, including being one on one with the keeper. 13 in 16 Colak this was not. 0



Out of his depth this time, he was found to have zero relationship with Davies and Rangers crumbled with his introduction. He’s only 18, we’re not going to abuse him for it. 5


We knew we were finished when he came on. 2

No point rating the rest, it was just a collapse after that.


Gio selected a mostly bright team who few had complaints about, with a couple of whines about Kent, but at half time no one was really pointing the finger at him. Second half was a different story – he will have to take the 6 shipped goals on the chin – while Tavernier’s incompetence didn’t help, the buck stops with the boss and there will be calls for his head after this, fair or not. Made subs too late which didn’t help much, but was left pretty helpless after losing Goldson in his defence. A second half systemic failure and this wasn’t even a full strength Liverpool. 0

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  1. I pray Gio gets dragged out of lbrox tonight and gets booted up and down the street, forced out of Glasgow, every single one of us feels embarrassed, humiliated thanks to him
    I will not be going into work tomorrow as l feel physically sick and can’t face the music

    It is the first time l have honestly said I’m so embarrassed to be a Rangers supporter

    The only thing that would put a smile on my face is for that fucking reject of a manager goes back to Holland and never shows face ever again in public

  2. Embarrassing and it is down mainly to the players gutless 2nd half as soon as the 2nd goal went in. I don’t think too many bears would have picked a different team than the one that was out on the pitch. I said in an earlier article that Tavernier would never be picked for England because he is an average player who won the golden ticket when he signed for Rangers. He should be dropped immediately to send a message out. We are not a champions league team and this is due to the standard of the league we play in. Finally look at the subs who came on for Liverpool Salah Thiago Jota we bring on Matondo an aged Steven Davis and Scott bloody Wright. Changing the manager will not paper over the cracks serious money must be spent and the board must be held accountable and explain where the CL money has gone.

  3. Absolutely spot on, agree with it all, I was there and it was truly embarrassing, boys against men, has to win the league now but even that seems an impossible dream. Souls he stay or should he go now ??

  4. Our depth isnt there , no real quality , yes Colak looks decent , yes we have one or 2 others …at a lower level though and once the dust settles its where we are . The manager made a few mistakes , we also lost our key CH , who was doing ok with Davies , but a lot of our squad yesterday were found wanting not being able to perform physically mentally or technically at this level. I am angry we are all angry . We know how poor our league and set up is in Scotland and it shows , both domestically and our poor national showings. We will never able to compete seriously at that level unless we get massive cash investment let’s be honest. We are just about the best in Scotland most times and can comfortably operate at UEL level and enjoy it too. 56 is the goal.

  5. Ross Wilson should be the one under pressure under pressure as Rangers Director of Football
    No one can tell us now that Niko Katic and Leon Balogun were wise to go – Katic for a minimal fee to Switzerland (where he’s doing great btw) and Balogun for free to QPR (where he’s doing great btw), given the absolute mess we’ve ended up in in defence.Add to this shambles players like Sands Oboforth Simpson Soutaar Itten Bacuna Ramsay Diallo Barker it’s easy to see why the fans are now wanting him removed. He was the same at Southampton paid £91 million on 5 players who all went back out on loan, then sold for a fraction of what they paid.

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