BBC surprisingly change tack as they STOP hating Rangers

BBC surprisingly change tack as they STOP hating Rangers
Still at it isn't he?

The BBC have pulled off a stunning change after typically Rangers-hating Chris McLaughlin ran with an anti-Celtic headline for what may be the very first time… ever.

The correspondent, prolific for being at the forefront of every negative headline to do with Rangers for the best part of a decade on the Beeb, is today carrying the story about Celtic being fined for their anti-monarchy banner by UEFA, not to mention for their pyrotechnics as well.

And it’s the story headline while containing a small footnote about Rangers being fined for the number of bookings received against Napoli.

Indeed, this choice of headline is very untypical of the BBC, and before the ceasefire in a choice between negative Rangers or Celtic story, the latter wouldn’t get a look in.

But today the headline highlights a switch, a willing to be more impartial.

And that Chris McLaughlin heads the story is a real change of philosophy and tact or tack (however you choose to spell it) from Pacific Quay, that he has carried this story with a blatant anti-Celtic headline.

Is it the latest sign of the winds of change from the BBC?

Time will tell, but other outlets used Rangers as the headline instead.

Says a lot…

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  1. No change of tack tik or tok Mcglaughlin is wretch Rangers hater. He’s only highlighting that lots disgracefulful behaviour Again ! cause our fine was for bookings . Fine was not enough especially given their continued breaking of the rules .

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