BBC erase Rangers again as Liverpool match approaches

BBC erase Rangers again as Liverpool match approaches
SOLIHULL, ENGLAND - SEPTEMBER 30: The BBC sport television logo on an umbrella during the Vitality Women's FA Cup Semi Final match between Birmingham City and Everton on September 30, 2020 in Solihull, England. Sporting stadiums around the UK remain under strict restrictions due to the Coronavirus Pandemic as Government social distancing laws prohibit fans inside venues resulting in games being played behind closed doors. (Photo by Catherine Ivill/Getty Images)

It’s the first time Rangers and Liverpool have ever faced each other. The connections between the two clubs go back years. And of course we share custody of an icon of the football past in the form of a certain Steven Gerrard.

There’s a hundred subplots to this one, and history in the making as both sides clash.

So no surprise to see the BBC barely mention the fixture even on their football front page.

The biggest Battle of Britain and a very unique one for years, yet the national broadcaster, despite its ceasefire and supposed new relationship with Rangers, barely mentions the match at all.

100% guaranteed if this was Celtic travelling to Anfield, the Beeb would be all over it with both UK and Scottish-based divisions covering it with saturation.

But as it’s Rangers, the Beeb are more interested in today’s press conferences and Premier League content.

Battles of Britain don’t happen very often, in recent times Celtic have faced Liverpool and Rangers faced Man Utd, with further back furnishing us with the biggest one of the lot, Rangers and Leeds.

So frankly the absence of the story in any real gravity on the BBC’s front page is both disappointing, surprising, and also, curiously, unsurprising at all.

The reality is they still cannot help themselves – 10 years of grudge against Rangers doesn’t just get completely placed to the side, and of course we must give credit that their tone towards us in recent months has been a lot better.

But it still slips, and we were amused to see Chris McLaughlin at Anfield despite the fact his own boycott of Rangers remains on, and he has not been to Ibrox once since the new agreement. He’ll go anywhere as long as it’s not Ibrox.

More things change…

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  1. This is just an opinion ,I think in the past this game would have been hyped more because there was not the massive gulf in finances and qaulity of player .These days with the astronomical difference in money they get down there from tv and sponsorship, makes it an uneven playing field for me .
    When we played leeds there wasnt THAT much differnce in squads and value ,now it is just ridiculous ! the excitement has given way to just a feeling of avoiding a humping tonight in reality .All the bears in my work today have hardly mentioned the game ,which kinda sums it up ….seems the bbc are not alone .
    Their value is estimated at 3.6 billion and first team estimated to be worth 741 million with salah rated at over 100 million alone UNEVEN .That said ………
    Cmon the gers !!!!!!

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