An Ibrox Noise clarification on James Tavernier

An Ibrox Noise clarification on James Tavernier
Rangers' English defender and captain James Tavernier warms up with teammates ahead of the first round Group A UEFA Champions League football match between Ajax Amsterdam (NED) and Rangers (SCO) at The Johan Cruijff ArenA in Amsterdam on September 7, 2022. (Photo by Kenzo TRIBOUILLARD / AFP) (Photo by KENZO TRIBOUILLARD/AFP via Getty Images)

Ibrox Noise published a piece yesterday which drew a colourful reaction from some quarters and accusations of agenda (the majority were, in fairness, supportive). It was even abused by a few. The topic? James Tavernier and his post-match interview.

The headline was regarded as ‘misleading’ or ‘inaccurate’ and lots of punters were keen to tell us ‘he didn’t say that’.

To remind you, Tavernier appeared post-match to apologise for his part in the goal, that’s right, his PART, not the goal overall, which in itself led to other misleading headlines saying he took complete blame, but then he justified it by stating clearly he and his team mates (we) should have been able to fix it:

“I have to apologise for my part in the first goal, but y’know we’ve got plenty of time to rectify that during the game and the first half performance wasn’t good enough.”

So, let’s be clear – Tavernier didn’t take full blame for the goal conceded, just his part in it, and he brought his team mates into the firing line by inferring strongly they were to blame thereafter, along with himself, of course, in not fixing the mistake he’d ‘partly’ made.

Anyone who abuses us over reporting this story, calling us tims etc, just because we dare to call out Captain Courageous for being anything but, has themselves an agenda, an agenda which favours confrontation and arguments over the truth. Even worse, favours Tavernier’s reputation over Rangers’ best interests.

The headline was also clear – apostrophes around ‘blame’ which demonstrates paraphrasing – as in it’s NOT a direct quote, nor a direct accusation, but is a vague reference to an event which could be CONSTRUED as what the headline says, if the apostrophes weren’t there. That’s why we included them, because we won’t mislead people, even if some can’t understand what they’re actually reading.

Overall? We will never stop reporting the truth, our opinion on it, or anything else we want to, and we know that will attract ire from some quarters.

Deal with it, because that’s Ibrox Noise for you!

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  1. Some people obviously clueless to the fact that’s like the 2nd or 3rd time he’s actually ever came out to the media as captain, after a draw/defeat.
    Wasn’t long ago at all I was claiming he’d be on our wall of fame for captaining our side to a European final and 55 behind McGregor/Davis, but the guy is an embarassment of a captain. Never a leader. Watch him shy away again while Napoli slaughter us and he sends out Arfield/Davis to do his talking, again!

  2. Tavs Standards have dipped BUT He’s Our Captain,A Leader Who has in Recent Years brought So Much Joy to All of Us.Please Lay Off Him.Many doubted Tav in the early days BUT HE IS A MODERN DAY LEGEND.Nuneaton Loyal WATP

  3. Im an armchair tv pundit from Maryhill home of the best team on the whole of the Firhill Road.
    My take on JT is at best he is an average player with no obvious leadership attributes.
    Ive watched him in as many games snd more often than not his accuracy whenn passing the ball is pretty poor.There have been countless wonderful Rangers captains however in my view JT your average journeyman player is not one of them.
    Start the search Rangers.

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