Tavernier ‘blames’ team mates for latest Rangers result

Tavernier ‘blames’ team mates for latest Rangers result
Tavernier at his best....

James Tavernier, in a rare post-bad result interview, perhaps unintentionally blamed his team mates for the result, while admitting his part in the Livingston opener.

The captain, who has frequently avoided facing the media after a bad result, spoke to RTV following today’s draw v Livi, and held his hands up to the opening goal and his being completely caught for that. But it was what he added to this that saw his hand the blame over to the rest of the squad for the overall result.

He said:

“I have to apologise for my part in the first goal, but y’know we’ve got plenty of time to rectify that during the game and the first half performance wasn’t good enough.”

Roughly translated, he takes responsibility for the opening goal but expected his team mates to bail him out by winning the game.

Now, in truth, this isn’t unfair – individual players will error and make gaffes, it’s part of football, but it’s rare that a player will apologise for this but then hand over overall responsibility for a bad result suggesting that his error wasn’t really that important. And in part, he’s not wrong – his team mates should have helped bail him out, himself included, but there was such a lack of quality in the midfield and final third that it was just not happening.

But it’s rare that a player, a captain no less, will literally say ‘yes I made an error but the team should have fixed it for me and they didn’t’.

Responsibility? Think about what Scott Arfield said at Hampden – he made no excuses, just said everyone hadn’t been good enough including himself and he was gutted. Rather than trying to shift blame to anyone else, he took it on the chin, even if others deserved blame.

But Captain Courageous?

Never been a Rangers captain, and we stand by that.

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  1. Absolutely never a Gers captain. Goes missing in too many big games….hes never Butcher Gough or fergie.
    Must b a new captain that cajoles motivates and organises the team.

  2. I’ve been saying for a while now I want a change of captain to Lundstram. Changes needed through the club as a whole yes, but let’s start with that. We have to send out a message of intent

  3. Was at this game yesterday, & it was the worst one I had attended in a long time, time to offload board & some players. Time to start reducing the the wages if they don’t play for the jersey.

  4. Never a rangers captain, he thinks he’s Billy big time against St Johnstone, Ross County and so called lesser teams, but against the team from the east end , and all our CL games so far he’s missing in action. His so called crossing of the ball is a joke, 90% fail to find a team mate then he trots back afterwards with no great urgency to defend his poor passing. We’ve heard all the excuses Tav.

  5. Totally unfair, he said he had his part to play in not stopping the Livi opener and then said ‘we’ did not do enough. He is including himself along with his teammates

  6. Aye OK top scorer in Europa League last season, whole fukin team is off it especially morelos and Kent ffs. Always negative you lot.

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