Shock Celtic statement highlights Rangers’ class

Shock Celtic statement highlights Rangers’ class
TOPSHOT - Rangers' and Napoli's player observe a minute's silence to mark the death of Britain's Queen Elizabeth II ahead of the UEFA Champions League Group A football match between Scotland's Rangers and Italy's Napoli at Ibrox stadium in Glasgow, on September 14, 2022. (Photo by ANDY BUCHANAN / AFP) (Photo by ANDY BUCHANAN/AFP via Getty Images)

It’s not often we actually talk about the other lot in Glasgow, but we wanted to make an exception in this one, and demonstrate that while our form isn’t great right now, we couldn’t be prouder to be Rangers fans and happier we’re not them lot in the east.

When asked to condemn those banners, Stavros could only say:

“Well, it depends on what you are reading and what you are listening to. My focus is on us as a football club. The performance was really strong at the highest level of competition. As I said, we will keep representing our football club in the best possible way.”

Every time it seems a decent man has been signed by that lot, and we think they finally have a boss who we might not actually hate for once, he turns round, gets brainwashed, and refuses to condemn his own supporters.

See, Rangers as a club have more than willingly slated our supporters now and then in the past for indiscretions – we have not held back when some fans let the club down.

But them? They come under worldwide condemnation for their disgusting banners and their filthy messages, but their manager not only refuses to condemn it, but actually almost endorses it.

We have been called ‘racist’ (by them lot coming on here before getting banned) for calling him Stavros – well, our complete disrespect for him is justified when we see nonsense like that vindicating it.

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  1. I am not going to mention them by name on this site, but their so called “Ultra’s” are obviously the tail that wags the dog. How many times have that lot been embarrassed by them and long may it continue. Their annual poppy disrespect generally slips under the radar. Their recent actions have shown them up for what they are all over world.

  2. Did you really expect that shower to do anything less. Total narrow minded bigots . No mention either from Frank whats his wretch name or any other of the Snp green daubed shower too . Its how this country is going . GSTK

  3. I have no time for so-called football fans whose primary raison d’être appears to be to insult others, no matter whether they follow the green or the blue or any other colour. So I’m not going to comment on those who found it appropriate at a football match to insult a family in mourning. How low can you get? As for Mr Postecoglou, it’s laudable that he calls on supporters to respect a minute’s applause for QEII, but I actually thought he would also be man enough – not just because of his moderately ample girth – to come out with an unequivocal statement condemning those banners. Instead he kowtowed to a group of his club’s support. An act of cowardice and a missed opportunity in my opinion. As for his employers, I guess they haven’t realised yet that Champions League matches including their so-called fans behaviour are broadcast to a worldwide audience of about 400 million viewers. A great advertisement for their club. They truly are ‘a club like no other’.

    • Well said Bernie. I believe the mics are to be muted when they play St Mirren tomorrow to avoid viewers having to hear their vile abuse. If it was up to me I’d turn the mics up and get cameras in their faces and show the world what a disgusting bunch of sub humans they really are.

  4. Celtic Football Club is rotten to the very core.
    The silence of condemnation from the Board of their supporters obscene behaviour is almost deafening.
    This is no doubt due to the fact that the Board of Directors at Celtic privately condone and indeed encourage the vile antics of those that follow that club. This so-called football club is bigoted, racist and utterly corrupt from the top down and should have no place in a Scottish football league, however, we all know about the power and influence they are allowed over the very constitution and decision making of the SFA & SPFL.
    This so-called football club (Celtic) are a club without remorse.

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